Most Downloaded VPN Apps for Android (Big List Inside!)

It is almost impossible to survive without the internet these days. It has got so many roles to play in our day to day lives, and we don’t even realize it.

Things become so much easier and effortless when you are connected to the internet. With more and more items getting incorporated in the IoT ecosystem, you can see the envelope being pushed every day.

However, it comes with some possible threats too. The biggest threat being the breach of privacy. You never know how many companies, organizations, and groups are aware of what you do on the internet.

The news of leaked personal information or some organization compromising the privacy of its user keeps surfacing now and then.

While enterprises have monetary goals when it comes to them showing interest in your privacy, the government agencies which want to know everything about you in the name of national security.

Finally, there are anti-social elements trying to leverage your personal information for their personal gains.

We can go on ranting about the threats on your privacy, and the ways you are unsafe on the internet, but we think everyone has got some idea of how they are not safe on the internet.

We want to, in fact, talk about one of the possible solutions to this issue, that is VPNs. And we want to discuss VPNs for a particular use case, on mobile devices.

Not all mobile VPNs are VPN

This seems like a good premise to begin. If you search for VPN in Play Store, you will find tons of listing, claiming to be virtual private network applications, claiming to take care of your online security, and claiming to bypass a lot of geo-restrictions for you.

In reality, most of these applications will only get you through some of the geo-restrictions, but in exchange, they may put your privacy at more risk than before.

A VPN encrypts all your online traffic and then transmits it through secure protocols to one of their servers, and then from this server, the information is relayed as regular internet traffic.

The destination servers getting this traffic will not be able to make out the source of the traffic, that is your website. The encryption and protocol will even eliminate the danger of someone tapping into the traffic in between.

However, the VPN service provider will still know about all our online activities, and if the service provider is not reliable, then all the measures go down the drain.

A lot of the VPN applications you see on the Play Store are not so reliable one. You will find a lot of them selling out all your personal information to the highest bidder.

The bidder will obviously try to make more money out the information, and that cannot be good news for people concerned about their online privacy.

A lot of them will even miss the necessary encryption to keep your information out of the reach of tappers.

How to choose a VPN application for mobile

We are assuming that the reason you are looking for a VPN application for your Android device is that you have a genuine concern for privacy.

The one thing you need to make sure before getting any such application is how does the service provider propose to treat your online information. If their privacy statement is fishy, vague, or very small, then you should go looking for some other application.

Then you can examine the security measures it provides. It should have robust encryption, secure protocol, and strict no-logging policy for starters.

You should always try to stay away from VPN applications available for free. They need to make money out of the service they are providing you. And if they are not asking for it from you, then you can never be sure what is it that they are selling to make money.

Which VPN applications to trust

We have noticed that VPN applications which do well for desktops and other devices are the ones which end up doing well for Android devices too.

Here are some honorable mentions

ExpressVPN: This VPN is usually one of the table toppers in most cases, and it is no surprise that it is suitable for Android devices too.

More Info: Read Review | Visit Website

CyberGhost: With CyberGhost, you can expect to stay secure and bypass a lot of geo-restrictions. It will provide you both anonymity and safety on the internet.

More Info: Read Review | Visit Website

NordVPN: With NordVPN’s vast server network, you will be able to get across most of the regional firewalls, and all of this will happen without compromising much on speed or quality of the connection.

More Info: Read Review | Sign Up Free Trial!

IPVanish: It is yet again, one of the better performers when it comes to Android applications. You will not get as many server locations as in the above cases, but there would be no compromise on the security front.

More Info: Read Review | Visit Website

VyprVPN: With VyprVPN, you will not have to worry much about unsafe public Wi-Fi networks. You can use all of those open networks you come across on airports and cafes without the fear of someone tapping into your personal information.

More Info: Read Review | Visit Website

We have put together a list of most downloaded VPN applications available for Android devices. However, you should keep in mind that the number of downloads can never be a suitable parameter to judge the quality of an application.

It is just that these applications are arranged based on that metric. Feel free to try finding out if the most downloaded ones satisfy the criterion for a useful VPN application or not.

Product NameApp InstallsRatingsNo. of RatingsFile SizeGoogle SearchesOur Review
Turbo VPN500000004.7177351410M1500000Read Review
Hotspot Shield500000004.3127184611M1004465Read Review
Super VPN500000004.26,14,0314.1 M301000Read Review
Psiphon Pro100000004.3340770Varies with device550000Read Review
Betternet100000004.59232728.9M450000Read Review
Speed VPN100000004.31564765.6M300408
ExpressVPN100000004.16313221M246162Read Review
Snap VPN100000004.63559107.8M165000
VPN Private100000004.6383871Varies with device162610
Proxy Master - hotspot vpn100000004.614952324M89048
Hi VPN100000004.619486911M74000
Hotspot Shield Basic100000004.647345911M4400Read Review
Touch VPN100000004.543879240M1952
NordVPN50000004.471511Varies with device450329Read Review
Tunnelbear50000004.5159367Varies with device368000Read Review
X-VPN50000004.56621127M165000Read Review
Yoga VPN50000004.72087039.4M165000
VPN Monster50000004.71911347.5M110000
VPN Robot50000004.61698867.2M110000
Secure VPN50000004.71632914.6M73822
SurfEasy50000004.528390623M49782Read Review
Tap VPN50000004.18939914 M49500
Hideman VPN50000004.1894409.6M12100Read Review
Thunder VPN50000004.81857675.2 M4400
Unblock Websites10000004.61969520M164455
FinchVPN10000004.21935610M18164Read Review
Free VPN Proxy10000004.3457892.5M17980
SumRando10000004.3142228.3M8100Read Review
HMA Pro10000003.912579Varies with device4400Read Review
Blue Proxy10000004.6176335.7M1300
Troid VPN10000004.34744810M886
Speedify1000000416757Varies with device880Read Review
Hammer VPN (AntiDPI VPN)10000004.6461069.5M590
Fast Secure VPN10000004.3573009.6M486
Proxynel10000004.661477Varies with device140
Free VPN10000004.62900913M1003333
Windscribe10000004.25676Varies with device368000Read Review
Hide.me10000004.11094423M301000Read Review
IPVanish10000003.5552825M246000Read Review
Hotspot VPN10000004.64287524M245803
Private Internet Access1000000418270Varies with device135000Read Review
VyprVPN10000004.24281525M110700Read Review
VPN Proxy Master10000004.71087106.8M110000
HOT VPN10000004.6555646.8M92632
PureVPN10000004.122175Varies with device90500Read Review
Zero VPN10000004.3543974.5M74000
Solo VPN10000004.418493Varies with device74000
FlyVPN10000004.3169226.6M49500Read Review
Unseen Online10000004.52812512M40500
Easy VPN10000004.63397320M40211
Power VPN10000004.51531914M33000
Avira Phantom VPN10000004.523627Varies with device27100Read Review
Rocket VPN10000004.35925616M22200
Kaspersky Secure Connection10000004.62335922M14800Read Review
Amaze VPN10000004.5344435.6M9900
VPNHub10000004.53716924M8015Read Review
VPN Easy ( Review
FREEDOME VPN10000004.3423929.5M5400Read Review
Browsec VPN10000004.62161811M5196Read Review
VPN 36010000004.4119969.1M1397
CM Security VPN10000004.6885755.8M1300
Keepsolid VPN10000004.21509016M1300Read Review
FortiClient VPN5000004.35645Varies with device18100
VPN 3655000004.6139609.7M50
Tenta5000004.14877Varies with device135000
Secure Web VPN5000004.333566.8M27100
Supremo VPN5000004.2378413M27100
VPN Master5000004.82591614M1500000
AIR VPN5000004.7162462.6M27082Read Review
Surf VPN5000004.7126594.2M17421
Atom VPN5000004.4264314.4M12100
Eagle VPN5000004.6229215.5M5400
GO VPN5000004.5102205.5M4418
Bestline VPN5000004.61885811M4400
Safe Connect VPN5000004.4673414M1600
ACT VPN5000004.696582.9M10
Totally Free VPN1000004.125677.9M1320
5G VPN1000004.6413211M1000
Super Power VPN1000004.536075.5M70
VPN Proxy1000004.529615.3M201275
VPN USA1000004.6535023M60333
Check Point1000003.91595Varies with device33091
VPN Express1000004.7745810M33091
Star VPN1000004.253359.8M22200
Cloud VPN1000004.4141813M22183
Smart VPN1000004.541405.9M12100
Spark VPN1000004.45373.4M9900
iBVPN100000431479.7M9894Read Review
Just Proxy VPN1000004.115122.5M5400
Max VPN1000004.119275.5M857
Reindeer VPN1000004.272974.0M110
Green VPN1000004.71027211M4261
Melon VPN1000004.7642515M1600
VPN Lighter1000004.61130117M1082


  • Data last updated on 15th January 2019.
  • Google searches shows global search volume for particular product as per last date mentioned.
  • File size “Varies with device” for some apps because they have different files offered according to Android license version.