Provides a high quality private connection with the latest security protocols and no logging policy. The cutting-edge hardware and software offers the fastest connection speed.


The plus plan only allows you to have 75GB data transfer per month, with only 1 simultaneous connection available. Port forwarding is only available in premium plan.


Offers the combination of security and speed with full security protocols to use. It is simple to set up with zero logs and various server locations around the world.

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HideMe is a virtual private network service provided by eVenture Ltd., an online security company founded in 2008. The purpose of the company is to help the internet users access all the websites that are available on the internet without having to be restricted by the government or the ISP. On top of that, the goal of the company is to provide the best privacy and security protection for the users, making it possible for them to browse the internet anonymously.

Advanced Security And Privacy Protection

HideMe provides the advanced security and privacy protection while you browse the internet and keep all your important data protected during the data transmissions. By using this private connection, you can encrypt your network connection and hide your IP address and real location. In this way, there are no risks of third-party surveillance during your browsing session. In regard to various online threats, this private connection network can also protect you from potential online threats such as hacking, phishing, malware attacks, and other similar threats. It also offers various features that ensure your connection stays anonymous whether you are using your home Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi network.

Complete Internet Freedom With No Logging

This VPN service can help you to break free from the internet restrictions as imposed by your government or ISP, meaning that you can visit any website that you previously cannot visit when using the regular connection. Moreover, there is no censorship in your online activity, meaning that you can enjoy any website on the internet as they are meant to be enjoyed. Also, this service has gone through various security audits that ensure it doesn’t have any hidden logging system to monitor your browsing data. With no logging for your browsing activity, you can ensure that your online activity stays private and secure.

Simple Setup And Super-Fast Speed

HideMe is designed to be simple to use for the users without any complicated steps to set up. No matter what device that you use, you can install the VPN app on your device and start connecting to the private network right away. Just install the app and run it. You don’t need any complicated manual setup process to start browsing anonymously. Additionally, with the gigabit speed, you are sure that you can get the fastest speed for your private connection. It means that no matter what type of online activity that you do, whether it is streaming, downloading, gaming, or light browsing, you can load the web pages fast with the private connection.

Worldwide Servers And Multiple Platform Support

Just like any other VPN services that are available on the market today, this VPN service also offers various servers worldwide in which you can choose freely. However, the difference with this service is that it offers the stable and reliable servers in any location that you choose, meaning that you get the best server performance for any server location that you use. Moreover, with the multiple platform support, you can use the VPN connection in any platform that you have. You can also install it on your router, which makes it possible to use the private connection on all devices.

Multiple Protocols With Port Forwarding

HideMe offers multiple protocols for you to choose, meaning that you can choose whether you need to prioritize on speed or security. It offers protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and other types of protocols that can fulfill your browsing needs. Each protocol has their own encryption strength, making it possible for you to adjust the security and performance level of your connection. Moreover, with the port forwarding function, you can choose to use the SOCKS5 proxy and other proxies to enhance the performance of your private connection.


HideMe is a high quality VPN service that offers both speed and security in a good balance. If you want to experience the best private connection speed and security, you can do it with this private connection. Moreover, the multiple protocol and platform support makes it possible for you to change the protocol type of your private connection and use it with multiple devices that you have. It is completely adjustable and customizable for your needs, especially with the port forwarding feature that allows you to activate the SOCKS5 proxy and other proxies in your connection. All in all, if you want to use a high quality VPN with a good security and privacy features, this is the one that is recommended for you.