This is a terms and condition page for VPNCrew (hereafter may refered as “We”, “Us” or “the Website”) and may also be applicable to its partners, referrals or affiliates if any. By visiting this website you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page as well as privacy policy.

This terms applicable to anyone who visits the website regardless of nationality or platform used by the Visitor (Hereafter may be referred as the User or the Visitor or the Reader)

These terms and conditions as well as privacy policy may also applied to VPNCrew website, it’s UI or sometime for the email communication occurs between the website and the users.

Legal Permissions

By visiting VPNCrew, the user agrees that he is legally allowed to visit or read the content offered on this site according to local laws of the User. It is sole responsibility of the user to find out if any or all of the content of the website is legally allowed in his country or jurisdiction. VPNCrew being an open website doesn’t have any control or do not restrict their content for any specific region, unless otherwise the local government stated.


Often certain types of content is restricted by certain nations until the user reach to specific age. It is User’s sole responsibility to refrain from visiting content that deems illegal according to their regional laws and same is applied for VPNCrew. VPNCrew is not responsible for any of the issues it may occur due to such situations.


VPNCrew is primarily a VPN news, articles and review website. We personally test various relevant products and based on our experience we give our opinions to the readers of the website. We often endorse certain products that are useful for the audience of the website. Since we recommend the products, as per US FTC’s Endrosement Guidelines, we’d like to make the users of this website with following.

  • Often we may earn commissions for endorsing the products thoroughout our review or articles. Although, we do not rank or recommend products on basis of that but based on product’s market popularity, our own experience during the review of the product, support offered by the product, value for money and similar factors like that.
  • We occasionally ask for trial accounts or license keys from the company. We never guarantee positive review or endorsements in exchange for that. We never give a favor to the companies who facilitate us our requirements.
  • The user does not need to pay extra for the product or service just because they’re buying through our referral.

The user of this website is recommended to do their own research before committing a purchase or even taking a small single action. VPNCrew or any of the author of the website are not responsible for any loss or damage due to action taken by the users.

Although we take utmost care before publishing every single piece of the content including an article or review, we can not be help responsible for misrepresentation of any of the information on the website.

User Generated Content

Often users of the website may submit their content, mostly through their comments. They may post comments in the form of recommendations either in positive or negative manner. VPNCrew may not be held responsible for action taken by users.

External References and Links

Often the companies take credit card or personal information from the user during their free or free trial sign up. We recommend users to carefully go through their terms for various products/sign ups and submit information accordingly. When you visit products or external links from our site, you’re responsible to their own terms and conditions if applicable and if any.

Terms and conditions as well as privacy policy of the website (VPNCrew) may be updated frequently as and when required. We make these changes with or without any prior notifications of the users of the website. The users of this website agree to any changes we make in the future.

Last updated on: 22nd May 2019.