Provides a VPN connection that is easy to set up, which offers double data encryption system and no logs policy. Offers super fast server speed in many locations worldwide.


The monthly pricing is slightly expensive than the similar VPN services, unless you sign up to the 2-year plan, which in that case has very cheap monthly fees. Allows only 6 simultaneous connections.


Provides a secure and reliable VPN subscription with top-notch security features and super fast network performance. It can be used on any platform, and it supports various brands of routers.

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NordVPN is a VPN service provided by, a security software company founded in 2012 and based in Panama City, Panama. The purpose of the software is to keep the internet open and free for anyone to access, as it was envisioned by the creator of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee. This VPN software was created to make it possible for people to use the internet without any type of censorship, surveillance, and restrictions.

Double VPN Protection

Unlike other similar services that only provide one layer of encryption to their private connection, NordVPN offers a double VPN protection for the users who use their private connection. So, instead of just encrypting your traffic with only one protection layer, it adds another layer of protection to ensure that your traffic is fully protected from any types of intrusion. This feature also ensures that you can hide your private information in a more secure way than the regular VPN connection. With the additional encryption layer, you can browse the internet more privately, and you can ensure that all data transmissions are secured.

Military-Grade Encryption System

Not only that it has a double encryption system, the encryption system provided by this VPN service is of the highest quality. It uses the advanced military-grade encryption system, which is the usual protection system used in the common military communications. It means that it uses the highest possible encryption algorithm to ensure that all your internet activity is completely secure. There are only a few VPN services that use this type of encryption system due to the complex technology that it has as well as the investment required by the company to make. But, the users of this service has the advantage of using this cutting-edge protection technology.

Protection Against Malware And Malicious Ads

NordVPN wants to ensure that all users can browse the internet freely and conveniently, meaning that the users should be protected from all types of online threats. It offers a protection against malware and malicious ads that you might encounter during your online activity, and the private connection can prevent them from accessing your system in any way. The malicious advertising that might be installed on some websites cannot be displayed on your device while you are using this private connection. Also, any type of malware cannot enter your system due to the robust malware checking tool that it has.

Strict No Logs Policy

Some bad VPN providers might log your online activity while you use the private connection in order to comply with certain government laws. However, this VPN service doesn’t log your activity due to the purpose of the service being to keep the internet open and free for everyone. The strict no logs policy that it has means that this VPN provider doesn’t keep any logs related to your browsing activity when you use the private network. No matter if the government asks for it, it strictly stands by the ground of not spying any of the users that use this VPN service.

Automatic Kill Switch

With the virtual private network, it is possible for you to encounter the occasional connection drops when the private server is experiencing any problem. In that moment, your connection is automatically switched to the regular connection. It means that in the moment of connection drop, you might risk leaking your real IP address while browsing the internet. This can be dangerous for your privacy. Fortunately, NordVPN has the feature called Automatic Kill Switch, which is a feature that allows you to prevent the leaking of your IP address information during connection drops. Instead of switching to the regular connection when it happens, the software simply kills your internet connection until you reconnect to another private server.

DNS Leak Protection

If you want to hide your real identity online completely, you have to protect your DNS information as well. Bad people might be able to know many things about your identity only by finding out about your DNS information. Also, by revealing your DNS information, it is easier for hackers to steal your data online by penetrating your network connection. This VPN service allows you to prevent any type of DNS leak so that your DNS information is protected all the time.

IP Address Protection

Showing your IP address online is like showing your current address in real life. That’s why if it’s unnecessary, you shouldn’t reveal your IP address during your online activity. This is because bad people can easily find your real location and extract other private information from your IP address. With NordVPN, it is possible for you to protect your IP address and ensure that you only reveal your private IP information online. No matter what website that you visit, the website can only recognize your private IP information, and your real IP address is safe from any malicious third parties.

Onion Over VPN

The Onion Router makes it possible for you to hide your real IP address information with multiple encryption system. Combined with the private connection that you have from this VPN service, the Onion Router can be used as a digital fortress that protects all of your browsing activity within a very secure protocol. Also, if you would like to visit any private Onion website, this feature makes it possible to hide all of your online information so that nobody can have a chance to take a look at your online activity, let alone trace your real identity.

2800+ Servers With Lightning Fast Speed

Other similar VPN services might only offer less than a hundred servers for their users, but NordVPN is offering more private servers for their users. There are more than 2800 servers that you can use while you are subscribed to this VPN service, and each server is optimized so that it can bring the best performance for the users. The servers are scattered in various locations worldwide, giving you the ultimate choice in terms of server availability. No matter which country that you prefer to use for your private server, it can give you the best performance for your online activity.


NordVPN is a VPN service that offers lots more security features than its competitors. Moreover, it also offers the stable, reliable, and lightning fast private servers for the users to make it possible for them to do whatever online activity that they want to do online. The security features offered include DNS leak protection, IP address leak protection, military-grade encryption, double-layer protection, anti malware and adware, and many more. It helps the users to keep their online activity secure and private, without any type of monitoring or censorship. All in all, as a VPN service, NordVPN is the best service to use if you are looking for a balance between security and performance in your private connection.