Provides a secure and anonymous private connection with more than 148 server locations worldwide. Available for all platforms with fast private connection speed.


Doesn’t offer 2-year plan or lifetime plan. One subscription can only be used in up to 3 devices simultaneously.


Provides one of the fastest VPN speed with lots of choices of private server locations, which are available in every continent. Top-notch security makes it possible for you to browse anonymously.

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ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service based in the offshore location of British Virgin Islands. Due to its location, the users of this service are guaranteed to have the fastest and most secure virtual private connection without worrying about any government data retention laws. This service provides anonymous and secure VPN connection without any data logs or connection logs, with top-notch security features available to protect the online privacy of the users.

The Built-in Speed Test Feature

Unlike many other VPN services where you don’t really know what speed you are getting, ExpressVPN is giving you the built-in speed test so that you know that you are getting the fastest speed that you can get. As the name suggests, this service’s primary goal is to give the users the most secure and anonymous online browsing experience with the fastest speed possible. With the built-in speed test feature, you can measure the speed that you are getting from this VPN connection so that you can use the private connection to do anything that you want on the internet without any slowdown in connection speed.

VPN Split Tunneling

The split tunneling feature allows you to split your network connection into two types of connection. The first type is the private connection, and the second type is the regular connection. With this feature, it is possible that you can route some of your internet traffic to use the regular connection, while routing other traffic to use the private connection. So, for example, if you want to use your connection for both accessing local websites and watching region-restricted movies, you can split the network connection to use two different connection types at the same time.

Top-notch 256-bit AES Encryption System

The best encryption system that you can use on a virtual private connection is the 256-bit connection since it provides the best protection for your network. This is the type of connection that is used in the military installations to ensure secure communications between military officers. It is also the type of security encryption that is recommended by security experts worldwide, which is multiple times stronger than the standard 128-bit encryption, which is the encryption type used by most VPN services on the market. With ExpressVPN, your connection is always encrypted with the highest level of protection.

No Connection Logs And No Activity Logs

As this VPN service is based on an offshore location in British Virgin Islands, you don’t need to worry about dealing with government restrictions or laws about data retention. This service offers the private connection to the users without giving their data away to the government. Most other VPN services, on the other hand, need to hand over their user data as a requirement to comply to the rules of their respective government. As a result, most of them need to log the users’ data while using the private connection. However, it is not so for this virtual private network service. It doesn’t store any connection logs or activity logs from the users at all.

Support For OpenVPN And Other Protocols

The more secure protocols that is supported by the VPN provider, the better it is for the users. The good thing about ExpressVPN is that it supports lots of VPN protocols and the users can choose which protocol to use for their private connection. It supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and TCP/UDP. Each protocol has its own security advantages and disadvantages. So, the users are given the best choices to make when it comes to picking up the best protocol for their connection. Unlike other services that don’t offer lots of options for the users, this service can give you the freedom to choose the protocol that you would like to use.

Zero-knowledge DNS Protection

This private network service has its own measure to prevent the DNS leak that might risk the privacy of the users. It is called the zero-knowledge DNS protection. This is the feature that ensures that the users don’t have any type of DNS leak problem while using this service. This is because each server is covered with its own encrypted DNS to ensure that the user’s real DNS is not getting leaked. Each encrypted DNS is private for that server only, meaning that if you switch to another server location, you get another encrypted DNS to protect your regular connection.

More Than 148 Server Locations Worldwide

Unlike other similar services that only offer a few server locations even for their premium VPN subscription, ExpressVPN offers hundreds of server locations that are scattered throughout all continents worldwide. You can find servers that are based on Europe, Asia Pacific, America, Africa, and Middle East. So, you don’t need to worry about traveling anywhere in the world because chances are this VPN service has a server in your country which you can use as a private server while you are traveling to another country.

Support For All Platforms And Devices

This service offers its VPN connection for all platforms and devices. No matter what platform that you use, whether it is desktop or mobile platforms, you can install the VPN software on your platform. And no matter what device that you use, you can use this software on your device. It also supports router installation, which means that you can install the virtual connection on your router so that all devices that are connected to the router can use the private connection. So, you can either use this private connection at home, at the office, or on the go.

IP Address Masking

The goal of ExpressVPN is to provide the users with the fastest private connection that allows them to browse the internet comfortably while staying anonymous all the time. The complete online anonymity is the feature that you get when you use this service. This is because it has an advanced IP masking mechanism that ensures that your IP address is always hidden from the any third parties that try to monitor your activity. With this feature, it is possible for you to hide your real identity online, all the time, and never reveal your real identity to anyone, especially to your ISP and the government.


ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service that focuses primarily on speed, anonymity, and security. With this service, the users can enjoy a complete internet freedom, while protecting their online privacy and security. You can use this VPN service to access any content on the internet without restrictions, and you are protected with various security features such as IP address masking, 256-bit encryption, multiple protocol support, zero-knowledge DNS, split tunneling, and more. It also offers hundreds of server locations worldwide, with each server being optimized for the best speed and performance. You can even check your VPN speed using the built-in speed test feature. All in all, if you want the fastest and most secure VPN connection, this is the one that you need to use.