Privacy Policy

Who we are

VPNCrew is a VPN information website which visits various products related to VPN or online privacy industry and then prepare a detailed review or overview. Apart from that the site also offers various industry news, articles, guides and tutorials to educate users who are willing to enhance their online privacy.

Our website address is: By visiting our website, you agree to our privacy terms mentioned on this site. If you do not agree to the privacy policy of this site, you should leave this site immediately.

This privacy policy may change time to time as and when needed. The last updated date of the policy may be found on the bottom. Please note that, user is required to agree whatever current privacy policy is there on time to time.

Personal Information we may collect

When you visit our website, we may collect various personal information from the users of this website. Some of the website is collected through means of web forms such as comments or contact forms. Other information may be collected automatically through our own software or with help of third party services such as ad servers or analytics solutions.

These kind of data collection is a standard practice on internet and being done by almost all the websites.


When a visitors post comments on the VPNCrew we collect various data which is asking in the form itself. Apart from that, we may also collect various relevant information such as IP Address or location related info for spam detection.

Contact forms

Similar to comment forms, when you submit contact forms available on our site, we may collect various information such as IP or relevant information related to the user. Also content or query you provided on the site’s contact form and may be stored including taking a backup.


We measure traffic on this website through various third party tools. These tools help us give a clear picture of various browsing activity for every individual users. We keep a track of every visitor including how many pages one visited or which exact pages a user visited. Apart from that, we also collect information such as (1) IP Address (2) Location (3) Device and Platform of the user (4) Referral info (5) Clicks and other browsing behavior data etc. These data is stored on servers of these third party analytics provider. Currently on VPNCrew, we use third party analytics provider so all the analytics data is stored on their server. Also they have various strict measures taken to protect the data, a user must note that we have absolutely no control over those information.

We take a reference of this data to improve our site including site’s content.

How long we keep data submitted by you or acquired by us

We keep data as long as we find them necessary. For example various contact forms or comment submitted remain on our site or mail servers indefinitely.

Various website analytics related data is kept on third party server and hosted there as per their independent privacy and data retention policies sometime as long as we maintain our account with them.

Your rights over the data

When you submit a comment on our website, you can always ask us to erase that data by sending us an email. Please note that you must verify yourself by providing same email address. No other verification method may be considered.

We may or may not be able to remove other information such as various data stored through third party analytics or ad-serving agencies. Although these data doesn’t include any personal or very private information such as user’s name or exact address and not very sensitive.


We may serve various interest based ads from third party or companies. These ads are served based on user’s browsing behavior on our own website or on external websites. We may also use advertising exchange to share profile or behavior of the user.

Data sharing with third party

In rare instances when local jurisdiction require us to share various information mentioned above, we are by law obligated to share these information. We may or may not ask prior permissions for the user(s) in question for this. Apart from that, we may also be required to share various data/information collected through the website when/if is acquired by another company.

Last updated: 29th January 2019.