Provides an anonymous connection with additional services, such as personal server and personal static IP address. Lifetime account is available if you don’t want to pay a monthly or yearly payment.


The pricing is slightly more expensive than others, especially if you also use additional services. The browser extensions are only available for Firefox and Chrome.


Provides a fast and reliable VPN service with additional services for more benefits in your online privacy. You can use the service in up to 5 devices across multiple platforms.

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VPN Unlimited is a VPN service provided by KeepSolid, Inc., an online security company founded in 2013 and based in New York, USA. Aside from providing a regular VPN service, the company also provides various security products, such as private browser, hotspot protector, network tools, and business VPN. One thing that makes it different from other similar services is that it also provides personal server and personal static IP address for the VPN users.

Connection Speed That Doesn’t Slow Down

The good thing about VPN Unlimited is that this is the virtual network service that doesn’t let any type of slowdown to affect your connection. In other words, you don’t get any ISP throttling action when you browse the web using your private connection. With this feature, the user experience is being optimized all the time. With the balance between performance and speed, this service allows you to surf the internet privately just like when you use your regular connection. There are so many servers to choose from, and each server is optimized for full speed and best performance.

Total Security From Any Type Of Online Threats

When you connect to the internet, you are exposing your device to various online threats, such as hacker attacks, identity thefts, scams, and so on. Fortunately, this service is designed to allow you to surf the web without worrying about any type of online threats. This is because the VPN software helps protect your device by encrypting your network connection, making it impossible for hackers and other malicious people from penetrating your connection and stealing your valuable data. This is especially important when you are using public WiFi for online financial transactions.

Total Anonymity For Your Web Surfing

VPN Unlimited provides unlimited freedom and anonymity for you online activity, meaning that you can surf the web without worrying about third-party trackers. Trackers can be found on the websites that you visit. Also, the government and your ISP might monitor your online activity constantly, which is very dangerous for your privacy. So, by using this service, you can protect your online privacy and surf the web without worrying about these bad people from snooping around your network connection. You also don’t need to deal with third-party advertisers that try to monitor your browsing habit in order to reveal your personality and profile.

Multiple Platforms And Multiple Devices

What good does a VPN do if it only supports a handful of platforms? Some VPN services out there can only be used on Windows computers without any support for other platforms. On the other hand, this VPN service has a robust support for multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile, browser, and even router. The platforms supported by this software include Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Firefox, and Chrome. Also, with one account, you can use this VPN connection for up to 5 devices at the same time. This can save you a lot of money as many other similar services can charge more if you use more than 2 devices.

Personal Server

One of the most interesting features from VPN Unlimited is that it allows you to use your own personal server with your private connection. It works like this. When you are using a regular VPN connection, you can choose among many available servers that are located in different countries worldwide. When you use a certain server, you are actually using a shared server, meaning that there can be multiple users that use the same server as you. This can create many problems, such as connection drops, slower speed, and unstable service if there are too many users using the same server as you. However, with the personal server feature, you can rent your own VPN server so that only you can use such server without sharing it with other users. It gives more stability to your virtual private connection.

Personal Static IP Address

When using the regular VPN connection with this service, you are actually using the dynamic IP address that keeps on changing. As you switch to the other servers, the IP address keeps on changing dynamically. You never get a static IP address due to the nature of the shared server and shared private connection. With the personal static IP address feature, you can request the company to assign you one static IP address that you can use whenever you activate the private connection. This IP address doesn’t change as you change servers, and it gives more stability in your VPN connection as well.

Router Support

Not many VPN providers allow you to set up their private connection on your router, either because of technical limitations or any other reasons. However, VPN Unlimited has a router support, which means that you can set up the private connection on your router, and you can also connect your encrypted VPN connection to other devices beside desktop and mobile devices. By encrypting your router connection, you can use the VPN on your smart TV, game consoles, and many other devices that don’t support any installation of VPN apps.


When you choose a VPN connection, make sure that it can provide the best experience for you in exploring the internet. VPN Unlimited is a robust, reliable, and fast virtual private network service that gives you more than just a regular private connection. It also allows you to have your own personal server and IP address to enhance your online privacy and improve your overall user experience. It can also help protect your devices from various online threats as well as keep them secure all the time. With the router support, your choice of devices is unlimited, since you can also use your VPN even on unsupported platforms.