Provides a private network that gives complete privacy, security, and internet freedom for the users. Helps protect your business network with a complete network encryption.


Some features that are normally available in other services are available for additional fees, such as NAT firewall, P2P protection, and advanced privacy protection.


Provides a private connection that puts security and privacy as the main priority, with the software available in various platforms. A great VPN choice for business users.

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PureVPN is a virtual private network service provided by GZ Systems Limited, an internet security company founded in 2007 and based in Hong Kong. The purpose of the company is to provide both individual and business users the complete privacy protection system for their online activities. It puts security and privacy as the main concern for the company to ensure that the users can safely browse the internet without any restrictions and risks of potential online threats.

Complete Online Privacy And Security

PureVPN provides the high quality VPN service that puts security and privacy as the first and foremost priority for the users. Whether you are an individual user or a business user, this private network service can provide you with the complete online privacy and security when you browse the internet. There are lots of security features embedded in this VPN service, such as antivirus, anti-malware, NAT firewall, web filtering, content filtering, and other features to ensure that you can browse the internet without any risk of being attacked by various online threats. It also hides your IP address and online identity perfectly, making your online browsing activity completely anonymous for you. No third parties can track or monitor your online activity.

Additional Features

Aside from the basic features that you get upon subscribing to this virtual private network service, you can also opt to get various additional features for an additional price. These features can help you to enhance your online privacy and security by strengthening the security and privacy of your network. For instance, the NAT firewall, dedicated IP address, DDoS protection, advanced encryption system, and other features are available for you as add-ons that you can choose to use along with your subscription. With just small additional fees, you can perfect your entire network security and ensure that you get the best private connection available for you to use.

Suitable For Business Users

PureVPN has been optimized to be used both by individual users and business users. While other VPN service providers might only provide you with the private connection for individual users, this VPN service is suitable to be used by business users as well. In fact, it is a recommended service to be used by small businesses that want to protect their network from various types of threats, as well as prevent any important business data from getting leaked. If your business requires you to store various types of private information, then this is the VPN service that you can rely on for daily business use.

Lots Of Supported Platforms

This VPN service has the highest compatibility with various platforms that are available on the market today. While other services might offer you the software to be used in several desktop and mobile platforms, this VPN service offers the software for platforms that are often not supported by other service providers. For instance, it provides the apps and software for Android TV, Firestick TV, Kodi, DDWRT, Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. More platforms are getting added in the future to enhance the compatibility of this VPN service with various platforms.

Dedicated IP Address With DDoS Protection

Having a dedicated IP address for your VPN connection can help you to avoid various problems that are often associated with the shared IP address, such as IP address ban, not being able to access certain region-restricted websites, bad server performance, and many others. PureVPN provides the dedicated IP address service along with DDoS protection to ensure that you can browse the internet with your own private IP address. In addition to that, you can avoid hacker attacks while you browse the internet, ensuring that your browsing session is always secure, smooth, and private.


PureVPN is a virtual private network service that is suitable for anyone who prioritizes privacy and security in their online activity. This service provider offers lots of security and privacy features that ensure the best security and privacy for your browsing sessions. Moreover, there are lots of platforms where you can use this private connection on. Additionally, the dedicated IP address that is provided as an optional add-on can give you the comfort of exploring the internet without any restrictions using your own private IP address. Best of all, it has the best security and privacy features provided for business users, making sure that you can keep all your business data secure and private during your online activity. All in all, whether you are an individual or business user, this is the recommended VPN to use if you care a lot about the security and privacy of your network connection.