Provides a secure and reliable VPN service with no logging policy and more than 30 servers worldwide. Provides the free VPN version without any bandwidth limitations.


The free version can only be used on certain browsers and there is no free version for mobile platforms, except only a trial version. There is no support for router installation.


Provides a trusted premium VPN connection with stable servers and various security features. It is available for desktop and mobile devices as well as in popular browsers.

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ZenMate is a VPN service provider founded in 2013 and based in Germany. The VPN service was started as an idea from one person that was having difficulty dealing with online security and privacy back then. The software then became a reality in 2013, bringing the mission to simplify everything about online security and privacy and make as many people able to access it. Now, more than 40 million people are using this VPN service as it is available in both desktop and mobile devices across multiple platforms.

The No Log Policy

While there are too many VPN services that have “betrayed” their users by logging their activities, ZenMate remains firm about their commitment for not bothering their users with the policy to monitor their activities online. This is because users are using this service to get away from online surveillance system. If the service is logging their activity, it is like running away from one surveillance system and being “caught” by another surveillance system. The no log policy provided by this virtual private network service ensures that the users can remain safe and protected online without anyone tracking their activity.

Turbo Speed And Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the best features provided by this service is that it gives the users the turbo speed for their connection, meaning that there is no slowdown when they use the service. Whatever speed that their connection has is the speed that they get for the private connection. Moreover, it offers unlimited bandwidth for the users, meaning that they can easily stream any videos, movies, TV series, and any other bandwidth-heavy content without worrying about whether they have enough bandwidth to stream or download the content or not. The good news is that even the free version of the private connection offers unlimited bandwidth for the users.

Available As Browser Extensions For Free

If you would like to try the service for a while before deciding to purchase the subscription for it, you can use the browser extensions for free. It works like this. You can download ZenMate browser extensions for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Then, when you use one of these browsers, you can activate the VPN connection for free without any bandwidth limit. However, the private connection can only be used on your browsers, and it is not system-wide. Also, the choice of servers is limited as compared to the premium version. However, it’s still a great feature since anyone can try the service for free without limit before they make any decision to purchase the subscription plan.

Kill Switch And DNS Leak Protection

There are two important features provided by this VPN service. The first feature is Kill Switch, and the second feature is DNS Leak Protection. The Kill Switch feature works to prevent your device from revealing your real IP address in the moment of connection drops in your VPN. For instance, if your private connection is disconnected suddenly, the main network connection is disconnected as well in order to prevent any IP address leak. In other words, this feature only allows you to connect to the internet through the private connection. On the other hand, the DNS Leak Protection feature is the feature that helps you to prevent any type of DNS leak while using your private connection.

EverSecure And Location Monitoring

The other important features that are provided by ZenMate are EverSecure and Location Monitoring. The EverSecure feature allows you to activate the private connection on your device all the time, meaning that whatever you do online, you always use the private connection to access the internet. Even for the online activities that use the apps or software that you have installed on your system, such as emails, IM conversations, video calls, and so on. All OS updates are also done via the private connection. The Location Monitoring feature is the feature that allows the VPN connection to recognize your location while using this service. It helps you to use GPS-related apps so that it doesn’t mistake your location with your private IP address. In this way, you can use GPS-related apps without problems while still being connected fully to the private server.

More Than 30 Servers Worldwide

The number of servers that you can choose when using this VPN service is quite a lot. The servers are mostly located in the European continent since this software is based in Germany. However, there are also common servers that are located in other parts of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. The software can show you which server that currently has the fastest speed, and which server that currently has problems. With this feature, you can easily pick the fastest server and avoid using servers that are having problems like constant connection drops or slow speed.

Bypass Monitoring And Online Censorship

With ZenMate, it is always possible for you to explore the internet like never before. It provides a total anonymity for your online connection, which allows you to prevent anyone from tracking and monitoring your online activity. Also, it can help you bypass any internet restrictions imposed by the government, as well as bypass any online censorship. You can enjoy your favorite websites with full experience, which is how the websites were meant to be enjoyed.


ZenMate is one of the best VPN service providers that provide a VPN service with lots of security features as well as good reliability and fast connection speed. With this virtual private network, you can browse the internet without worrying about the third parties that might monitor or track your activities because even the VPN provider itself is not logging your online activity. You can also enjoy various features that can enhance your online experience, such as location monitoring, kill switch, always-on private connection, DNS leak protection, and lots of servers to choose from.