Provides a fast and simple private connection with the default 256-bit encryption as its security protection. Keeps yourself on the private connection with the Vigilant Mode.


Doesn’t offer many server locations, with only 20 countries available. The free version only allows you to have 500MB data transfer each month.


Offers a secure, fast, and simple VPN that allows you to browse privately with 20 different server locations. The no logging feature keeps your browsing anonymous all the time.

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TunnelBear is a VPN service provided by TunnelBear Inc., an online security company based in Toronto, Canada. The goal of the company is to provide simple privacy apps that can be used by everyone to browse the internet privately, safely, and freely. The company has the purpose to give everyone the chance to benefit from the online privacy and security that their VPN apps can provide for them.

The Vigilant and Always-On Mode

TunnelBear has two features that can help the users to keep their network connection private all the time, and thus, prevent any occurrence of DNS or IP leak. The Vigilant Mode allows the users to keep their connection private even when there are some interruptions in the private network. When the interruption happens, this VPN connection turned off your network connection temporarily until it reconnects again to another private server. The Always-On Mode allows the users to keep their private network on even though they are restarting the device. In this way, they can only connect to the private network, making it impossible for any third parties to monitor or steal any of their private information.

No Logging Policy with Transparent Security Audits

This VPN service can be considered as one of the most transparent service providers out there because it always publishes their own security audits to the public. In so doing, it hopes that the public knows about the state of security protection that they are using in real time. With these transparent security audits, users can build trust toward this service without having to worry that their private data might get leaked or breached later. It also proves to the users that it has a strict no logging policy that prevents any type of data monitoring system from being used for the users of this private network service.

Lightning Fast Speed with Worldwide Server Network

One of the main features that is offered by TunnelBear is the connection speed, which is pretty fast when compared to other similar services. With this virtual private network connection, users can experience the best connection speed in their private network without having to deal with any slowdowns, ISP throttling, performance interruptions, and other types of problems that might cause the connection speed to drop. With the worldwide server network, users can choose between various countries that they want to use for their private connection. It means that no matter the websites that you want to unblock, you can do it with this VPN service.

Safe Wi-Fi Protection and the Closest Tunnel Feature

This VPN service offers the best way for you to protect your network connection no matter what connection type that you are using. For instance, if you are using a non-encrypted connection from the public library or any other public places, you can easily encrypt such a connection using this VPN service. Once the Wi-Fi connection is safely protected, you can use it to browse various websites privately and anonymously, without risking your private information being stolen by any third parties. The closest tunnel feature allows you to choose the best server for your private connection so that you can get the best speed and performance for your connection.

Strong Encryption System and GhostBear Protocol

The default encryption system that is used by TunnelBear is the 256-bit encryption, which is currently the strongest encryption system available. With the 256-bit encryption, your network connection is protected from various types of online threats and surveillance system. The GhostBear protocol helps you to bypass the restrictions as imposed by your government or ISP, making it possible for you to unblock any internet restrictions and censorship without any trouble. It is the perfect security protection system that helps you to browse the internet safely and anonymously all the time.


TunnelBear is a simple and fast virtual private connection service that you can use to keep your internet activity safe, private, and secure. Equipped with many privacy and security features, you can use this VPN connection to hide your identity online and avoid any type of online surveillance system. It is also effective to be used to prevent your network connection from being attacked by various online threats with its 256-bit encryption system. Moreover, it is designed to keep your network connection private and prevent any type of possible IP or DNS address leak. All in all, this is the private connection service that you should use if you want to have the ultimate privacy and security in your online activity.