Provides the advanced VPN connection along with the ad-blocking feature that can be used in unlimited devices. Prevents information leaking and encrypts all your browsing activity.


The OpenVPN protocol is not available in the free version. There is a bandwidth limit in the free version of the VPN service.


Allows you to protect your browsing activities with ad blocking, firewall, and P2P support. Prevents the tracking and monitoring done by the government and corporations.

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Windscribe is a private network connection service provided by Windscribe Limited, an internet security and privacy company based in Ontario, Canada. The company is aimed to help the users to circumvent any type of internet censorships with their easy and powerful VPN tools. The company gives the users the ability to access the internet without any restrictions, as well as access the content that is geographically locked and prevent any types of monitoring, tracking, and online threats.

Unblock Any Internet Restrictions and Geo-restricted Content

Windscribe is a VPN service that is designed to help the users experience the internet as it meant to be experienced. Thus, with this private connection, you can unblock any type of internet restrictions that are being imposed by your government and ISP. No matter what websites that are being blocked or censored in your country, you can access those websites with this private network. Moreover, it also offers the users the access to Geo-restricted content, meaning that you can also access the online services that is normally not available in your country. These services include Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, and many other services that are restricted only to certain regions or countries.

Prevent Any Types of Information and Data Leaks Online

With this VPN service, you can protect your data privacy online because this service is designed to prevent any types of information and data leaks. It has various apps that you can install on your device, namely the browser extensions and the regular desktop apps. When you install both apps on your device, you can easily prevent any information leak by establishing a firewall connection with this private network. Moreover, this private network can also protect you from various types of tracking and monitoring systems used by the government and corporations to spy on your browsing activities.

Firewall, Ad Blocking, and P2P Support

As a private connection service provider, Windscribe offers the users with the best features that keep them safe and private in their browsing activity. The features that are provided by this service include the firewall, ad blocking, and P2P support. The firewall feature provides the protection necessary for you to safeguard your network from hacker attacks and online threats that try to steal your private information. The ad blocking system provided by this service allows you to block any intrusive ads that might monitor your browsing habit and sell it to the third parties. Lastly, the P2P support provides you with the ability to perform anonymous torrenting activity that is undetected and untraceable.

Browse Privately with Advanced Privacy Protection

The main function of this VPN service is to help the users to explore the internet without having to worry about their activity being monitored by the government and other third parties. Thus, this private network enables you to browse the internet privately and anonymously by keeping your IP address and other private information hidden from the third parties. Moreover, it includes the advanced privacy protection that allows you to keep your online activity safe and private and prevent any occurrence of unexpected IP address leak and other possible data leaks.

Support All Platforms and Unlimited Device Use

The good thing about Windscribe is that it gives you all the apps that you can install on all platforms and devices. It also has the browser extensions that work with major browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, while other similar services might not be able to provide this extensive app support for various platforms. Meanwhile, the devices that you can use with this private network is unlimited, whereas the other services might offer only 3-5 simultaneous connections per account. It means that by using this VPN service, you can use as many devices as you want without having to worry about any simultaneous connection limitations.


Windscribe is a fast, reliable, and secure VPN service that offers the advanced privacy protection and various security features for the users. With this private connection, you can browse the internet without any restrictions, access blocked websites, and enjoy the content that is available only on certain regions. Also, with the support for all platforms and unlimited device usage, you can use this service as much as you want with all the devices that you have. This service also offers the dedicated firewall feature that helps to prevent any hackers and online threats from attacking your network. Moreover, it also supports anonymous torrenting. All in all, this is the best VPN service if you want to have a fast and reliable private connection with the best security features that you can use for various online activity.