Why It Is Recommended For You To Keep Your VPN On All The Time

Nowadays, when everything is stored in the cloud, it becomes more and more important for everyone to keep their digital assets secure. Whether it is your private photos, important documents, account passwords, business data, or any other digital assets, you have to make sure that everything is protected with a strong security encryption. While it might sound a bit paranoid, it is important for you to always keep your internet connection secure from any hacker attacks. This is because there are already countless of cases of cyber crimes, where hackers succeed in stealing various private information from around the world.

You might already heard about the data leaks that affect millions of users, due to the security vulnerabilities of some corporations that are being attacked by hackers. In order to avoid the similar problem, it is important to protect your online data transmission secure all the time. The best way to do this is by turning on your VPN all day, so that it remains activated all the time. Why do you need to do this? Here are the reasons why it is recommended for you to keep your VPN on all the time:

1. Each Of Your Data Transmissions Is Always Encrypted

When it comes to protecting your data in the cloud, the most important thing to look for is the way you transfer your data between your device and the cloud server. If the data transfer process is not encrypted, then you are at risk of exposing your data to any third parties that might be interested in stealing it. With the virtual private network, it is possible to encrypt your data transmission during your online activity, so that whatever information that you transmit to the cloud server is securely protected. Best of all, when you let the VPN on all the time, your data transmission will become very secure, since you will encrypt the transmission process all the time, which is very good for the safety and security of your important data.

2. You Don’t Need To Worry About Using Unsecured Connections

If you keep turning on and off your VPN connection, there is a risk that you will forget to turn on your private connection in places where you must absolutely turn it on. This will result in the risk of data breach if you are not careful. For instance, if you forgot to turn on your VPN connection when you use public networks with unsecured connections, there is a big chance that various third parties are monitoring what you are doing online. They might also be able to log your passwords and steal your important information. But, with the VPN on all the time, the connection is always encrypted, and you don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn on the VPN when connecting to unsecured networks.

3. Hackers Are Always Lurking To Find New Victims

In this day and age, there are thousands of cases where people are losing their access to their social media accounts, or where people are having their credit card information stolen and used for unauthorized transactions in some other countries. This is the work of hackers, and hackers are always trying to find new victims to benefit themselves. As long as cyber criminals are lurking everywhere there is a potential of security vulnerabilities, it is better for you to turn on your VPN connection all the time. This way, all your information in your online activity is always secure, and hackers cannot breach your connection since it is heavily encrypted.

4. Each Line Of Communications That You Have Will Remain To Be Private

Again, not only stealing passwords and other sensitive information for their own purposes, usually hackers will use your private communication to attack your reputation in the eyes of the public. Did you remember the cases where lots of private photos of famous people are getting leaked online to the public, as well as their private conversations? This is how cyber criminals try to defame someone and put a negative image on anyone online. By turning on the VPN all the time, you will be able to prevent the similar incident from happening, since you will be able to secure each line of communications that you have, so that it will remain private for you.

5. No Risk Of IP Address Or Data Leaks

Turning the VPN on and off might give you the risk of IP address or data leaks, since bad people will try to find the weakness in your system security. With this pattern, hackers can easily attack your system when the VPN is turned off, since it is easier for them to do that. They will be able to find the time when your VPN is not active, so that they can penetrate your network connection at the time when your security is at the weakest. As a result, your real IP address might get leaked, and your data might get stolen. By always turning your VPN on, there is no risk of IP address or data leaks, since you don’t give any opportunity for hackers to penetrate your network connection at all.

Those are the reasons why it is recommended for you to keep your VPN on all the time. Why turning your VPN on and off while you can build a continuous security protection for your system when you turn your VPN on all day? While it might sound a bit paranoid, it’s the best way to ensure a consistent security and privacy protection for all your devices, as well as all the important data that you store in the cloud.

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  1. If it is strongly recommended to have VPN on all the time, why give users a choice? When is it recommended to turn VPN off.

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