What You Need To Do When Your Network Connection Is Being Compromised

Using a network connection is a bit tricky. If you don’t care about your own internet security, then you might not know when other people try to break into your network and steal your data. Yet, the internet as we know it today is very important for every one. So, it is becoming more necessary for anyone to at least aware of their own network security so that they can properly protect their data and online communication. But, the reality is that many people every day are experiencing various kinds of internet attacks from malicious third parties that want to steal their important data. This is something that you, as an internet user, need to be aware of.

The way these malicious people usually work is that they will compromise your network connection and disrupt your internet communication. Also, they will hijack your browser and try to steal your important passwords, so that they can get access to it. If you experience any of these interruptions, you need to take the necessary measures to deal with it. Here are the things that you need to do when your network connection is being compromised:

1. Disconnect Your Network Immediately

The moment that you find a strange behavior in your network connection, such as a surge of bandwidth usage, high network activity during idle time, strange applications requesting constant data transmissions, and so on, you have to disconnect your network immediately. This is the first thing that you need to do. These malicious people will not be able to do anything if you don’t connect to the internet. Then, you should examine the problems by checking the Task Manager, whether there are some legitimate updates going on in your system, or there are some unknown applications demanding more data from your connection. When you find these unknown applications, stop their process immediately and remove the software from your device.

2. Change The Router Settings And Passwords

Go to your router settings and change the settings and passwords immediately. If you have some devices that are connected to the router at the same time, make sure that you recognize all the devices. Hackers might try to use your router connection in order to disrupt your online communications, so you have to check whether there are unknown devices connecting to your router. If you find them, then remove them immediately from your network. Change your router password to a more secure password, using the combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and signs.

3. Try Connecting Again And See If The Problems Persist

Now that you’ve got rid of the basic problems that might cause your network connection interruptions, you can safely connect your device to your network again. Observe your device for a few minutes and see if the problems persist. If the same software starts to use your data connection again without your consent, although you have deleted it, then there is a big chance that your system has been infected. It is very difficult to remove malicious software from your system once it has been infected. If your antivirus software doesn’t even recognize the malicious programs, then it means that you need to install a better protection for your system.

4. Install A Good Firewall And VPN Software

Try installing a good firewall software on your system in order to guard your system against any online attacks done by hackers from a remote location. Once it is installed, the software will perform a scanning process and see if your system has been infiltrated by some unknown threats. If so, the software will clean the malicious programs and keep your system in good security. Next, you should install a VPN software to encrypt all of your internet traffic. This is to provide further protection for your system and ensure all the data transmissions are encrypted. So, even though these malicious programs are transferring your important data to the outside servers, the hackers cannot open the data since it is encrypted.

5. Scan Your System Thoroughly With An Antivirus Software

Lastly, you can use a good antivirus software to scan your system thoroughly. This is just in case you’ve installed some viruses into your system without knowing about it. Viruses can come from many places, such as from the websites that you visit, from the files that you receive, from the software that you’ve installed, and so on. The antivirus software will help determine the threats that have been installed on your system and remove or quarantine the threats. It will also recommend the actions that you should do to remove the threats from your system.

Those are the things that you need to do when your network connection is being compromised. Don’t take this security problem lightly. Even when someone is trying to hack your WiFi password to get some free internet bandwidth, don’t take this matter lightly. Your system might be at risk, and you have to do the necessary steps to ensure that the threats are gone forever.

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  1. What about if my iPhone network is compromised, I don’t think an antivirus can help or Firewall ? Please advise, Ted

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