5 Advantages Of Opera VPN And Why It Is The Best Free VPN To Use

Opera is one of the few browsers that you can use to access the internet anonymously. This is because among many mainstream browsers, Opera has been the one that is giving the users free access to their virtual private network service that is called Opera VPN, which the users can activate through the Settings menu. This integrated private connection feature is possible after the company behind the Opera browser acquired a quite well-known VPN company a few years earlier. Best of all, Opera is giving their users the virtual private network access for free without any limit.

With hundreds or even thousands of free VPN services that are available worldwide, Opera VPN stands out from the crowd by offering a free virtual private connection service that is easy to use and accessible for all. There are no restrictions in bandwidth limit that the users can use with the service, and there are also various other benefits that they can get. If you don’t want to pay for a VPN service, this is definitely the one that you should use. Here are 5 advantages of Opera VPN and why it is the best free VPN to use:

1. It Is Integrated With The Browser

If you are the user of Opera browser and use this browser as your main browser to access the internet, you don’t need to install any add-on in order to be able to use the VPN service that comes with it. You simply activate the private connection under the Privacy settings in the browser, and you are good to do. The virtual private network is already embedded within the browser and you can also easily configure it from the browser interface. So, unlike the other free services which requires you to install an additional software or add-on, you can simply use the Opera VPN out of the box.

2. It Comes From A Reputable Company

Opera is a reputable company, and it has become one of the best browser developers with a good track record for more than a decade. In fact, it is one of the mainstream browsers that always keep on the user’s privacy as one of its main goals. The integration of the VPN connection within the browser is done in accordance with their privacy policy as well as their service goals. They really want to make the internet to be the safer place for their users to explore and enhance their online privacy protection through the VPN connection.

3. There Is No Bandwidth Limit At All

Most free VPN services out there will offer you their private connection with limited bandwidth that they allocate monthly for the users. Once you’ve used all the allocated bandwidth for the month, you are required to wait for another month in order to get another free bandwidth quota for the private connection. Or, if you don’t want to wait for the next month, you can purchase the premium subscription plan that they offer. This is not the case with Opera VPN. This browser-based virtual private connection is offering their users the unlimited private connection that they can use without any limit or restrictions.

4. The Service Is Mostly Stable And Reliable

Again, since the VPN feature that is integrated within the browser originated from a quite well-known and reputable VPN service that has been acquired by Opera a few years earlier, it means that the service is mostly stable and reliable to use. Unlike the other free VPN services that you can find on the market today, you will rarely experience any connection problem with the Opera VPN service. Even though you might experience a connection problem, you simply need to restart the browser and the problem is usually resolved immediately.

5. It Doesn’t Sell Your Private Data

Opera VPN is committed to keep the user’s security and privacy as its main concern because they believe in a safe, free, and open internet. Just like the other non-profit browsers that provide their browsers as a way for the users to obtain a total privacy and security online, this is what Opera has been trying to do for years. Thus, they are not using their VPN feature to sell the private data of their users, and in fact, it is used to protect their user’s data even more. This is another benefit that makes Opera VPN one of the best free services that you can use. So, if you want a total security and privacy while browsing with Opera, don’t forget to activate this little feature under the Privacy settings.

Those are the advantages of Opera VPN and why it is the best free VPN to use. You might find numerous free private connection services out there, but this is the one that you can really rely on.

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