Why Your Business Needs To Use The Web Application Firewall Today

It is common for business today to operate their activity on the cloud with the help of various cloud applications. Not only it is easier for them to sync their data, it is also easier for them to manage everything through the cloud, as well as apply important changes whenever they need to. Also, it is very common for businesses to have their own web application that they used to operate their business activity on the day-to-day basis. For instance, e-commerce businesses usually have their own web application to deal with the online sales from customers all around the world.

However, there are still a few businesses that are aware about the security importance of their web applications. Most businesses simply hire people to create web apps without investing anything to protect it. Sure, the web apps come with the standard security protection, but it is often not enough when it comes to dealing with today’s cyber-attacks that can happen anytime. That’s why using the web application firewall is becoming more and more important for these businesses to survive the possible threats. Here are the reasons why your business needs to use the web application firewall today:

1. Prevent Any Hackers From Taking Control Of Your Web Servers

While it can be said that WAF (Web Application Firewall) doesn’t specifically protect your web servers, it is not completely true. Because this firewall can protect your web application from getting attacked by hackers, it means that it can also protect your web servers as well. By mitigating the risks of hacker attacks, you can keep your web apps running properly, and in so doing, preventing the hackers from going further into attacking your web servers. So, this specialized firewall tool can help you to prevent hackers from controlling your web servers and disrupting your business operations.

2. Keep Your Server Workload In Balance

In order for you to be able to keep the web application running smoothly, it is important for you to keep your server workload in balance. Fortunately, WAF offers the feature called SSL Offloading that allows you to balance the server workload between your physical servers and the virtual servers. This is to ensure that you are not focusing the constant requests to your physical servers. By keeping the server workload in balance, you can easily keep the business activity in good standing all the time. It also prevents any potential performance problems in your business infrastructure.

3. Multiply The Security Of Your Web Application

The web application firewall can help you to multiple the security level of your web apps and make it even more secure for your users. The users that access your application can only do that through the private connection, meaning that they can only use the VPN connection in order to access the web app functions. Although you can turn this feature off, it is always better to keep it on because you will ensure that only trusted traffic can access your business data. Moreover, there is the two-factor authentication system that ensures that only legitimate login can get access to your business infrastructure, minimizing the risk of the user’s data from being hacked.

4. Ensure That Only Legitimate Network Traffic Can Access Your Business Application

One of the functions of the web application firewall is to ensure that the only type of traffic that can access your business apps is the legitimate traffic. There is a sandbox feature that will determine whether the traffic coming to your web application is a good traffic or not. At the moment when the traffic is considered suspicious, the firewall system will put the traffic into the sandbox environment and test the traffic before sending it to your web application. In this way, you have very few instances of bad traffic swarming your business infrastructure and posing risks to your business operations.

5. Keep The HTTP Protocol Secure From Malicious Threats

Since your web application mostly uses the HTTP protocol to operate, it is important to keep this protocol clear from any possible threats. Online threats such as the DDoS attacks and other similar hacking activity can only be done if the HTTP protocol is not safe enough so that the hackers can easily invade your system via the vulnerable HTTP protocol. With the web application firewall, you will be able to keep your HTTP protocol secure from malicious threats, making sure that the data transmission on both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are free from any malicious coding.

Those are the reasons why your business needs to use the web application firewall today. This security tool is proven to be effective to keep your business assets running smoothly without any risks of online threats. You just need to be sure that you are using the top-notch WAF system for your business.