Why You Should Start Using VPN Router On The Go Today

Nowadays, the use of the virtual private network is getting more and more important for everyone. This is because there have been many hacking incidents that put the user’s privacy at risk. Also, coupled with the government and ISP monitoring system that not everyone would agree with, people will choose to use VPN for the sake of having more privacy in their online activity. With more and more free Wi-Fi networks being installed on more public places, VPN is becoming more necessary because it can protect the users who use such public networks from any type of network hacking.

However, among many platforms that the virtual private network can be used on, using VPN on a router is a simpler way to apply your private network on any device. Instead of installing the VPN on each of your devices, you can have all the private connection you need when you just install the VPN on your router. Moreover, with the more popularity of VPN router on the go which is essentially the VPN-equipped router device that you can bring anywhere, it is getting easier for anyone to enjoy more privacy, security, and freedom in their online activity. Here are the reasons why you should start using VPN router on the go today:

1. It Comes With A Long Subscription Period

VPN router on the go is often made in partnership with a leading VPN provider, which means that users will automatically get the subscription to a certain VPN provider for a certain period by purchasing the router hardware. Usually, the subscription time given along with the new purchase of the VPN router on the go is 3 years, and of course, the users can switch to any other VPN providers they want and use the router hardware in their new VPN subscription. With the long subscription time, the users can enjoy the freedom in their online activities without having to worry about buying any new VPN subscription after they purchase the on-the-go router.

2. It Is Cost Effective Yet Very Beneficial For Long-term Use

Since most router hardware that you can use on the go is bundled with a few years of VPN subscription, and the cost is no different from the regular routers, you can consider it to be a cost-effective investment for your online privacy. Moreover, you can use the subscription that comes with the router hardware for a few years in the future, so it means that this investment is very beneficial for long-term use. If you were to purchase the router hardware and the VPN subscription separately, it might end up costing you a few hundred dollars. But, by buying the router on the go, you only need to pay it for mostly less than a hundred dollars for the bundled hardware and subscription package.

3. It Protects Your Online Privacy Anywhere You Go

It is definitely difficult for you to bring your regular router with you wherever you go since the regular router hardware is big and bulky, which is difficult to carry around. However, with the router on the go, you can easily protect your online privacy anywhere you go since the router is in the size of a regular flash drive. You can carry it anywhere you go whether you are traveling to another country or trying to chill out in a nearby park. In so doing, you don’t need to connect to the public Wi-Fi network if you want to browse the internet which means that you don’t need to deal with the risk of online threats. You simply use your router on the go and your connection automatically becomes private.

4. You Don’t Need To Install Different VPN Software Or Apps On Each Device

Having a virtual private network installed on your router means that you don’t need to deal with the hassles for installing VPN software and apps for each hardware or device that you have. You simply need to install it on your router, and all the devices that are connected to it, whether these are desktop, laptop, or mobile devices, can have the encrypted connection immediately. It will save you a lot of time and hassles when trying to connect to a private network in order to enjoy more security and privacy in your internet connection.

5. It Is The Future In Online Privacy Protection

VPN router on the go is not just a new trend that is emerging in the field of VPN technology. It is the future of convenient VPN connection that makes it possible for the average users to use the private connection anywhere they go. No matter where you are, you can connect to your own private connection simply by activating your on-the-go router. This is a very convenient way to bypass any type of internet restrictions, and it surely will become a mainstream way to establish private online connection anywhere, especially for travelers.

Those are the reasons why you should start using VPN router on the go today. There are still quite a few manufacturers that are selling this type of router right now, but in a few years, this technology might become more and more widespread when people are becoming more aware of their online privacy. That’s why you should start using it today in order to carve a better future in the field of online privacy and security.