Why You Should Enable Location Monitoring In Your VPN Connection

When you use a premium VPN connection, you will get lots of features that are not available in the free VPN software. For instance, the features like Kill Switch, Location Monitoring, Always On, Firewall, DNS Leak Protection, and many other features will be available for you depending on the VPN brand that you use. Each feature gives you more advantage in your internet traffic encryption. The Kill Switch feature allows you to turn off your internet connection immediately at the time of VPN connection drop so that you will not accidentally reveal your IP address during your browsing session. The Always On feature allows you to keep your devices connected to the VPN from the time when you start the device to the time when you turn it off.

Now, we will talk about the Location Monitoring feature. This is the feature that is often neglected by many VPN users, but it is quite an important feature. It allows the VPN connection to detect your current location despite using the private network to connect to the internet. There are lots of benefits that you can get when you enable this feature on your VPN connection. Here are the reasons why you should enable location monitoring in your VPN connection:

1. You Can Still Access Your Local Bank Accounts Without Being Blocked

Due to security concerns, many local bank websites will refuse you from logging into your account using a private IP address. This is because there have been cases where private IP addresses are used by cyber criminals to steal money from his victims. Also, the private IP address that belongs to another country will be quite a bit suspicious for the local bank websites since their customers are mostly local people with local addresses. This is where location monitoring becomes necessary. Even though your connection is private and connected, you can still reveal your location so that local bank websites can still be accessed with your encrypted connection.

2. Your Connection Remains Private While You Keep Browsing With Local IP Address

The good thing about enabling the location monitoring feature is that you will be able to use a private connection while still browsing with the local IP address. It means that local websites that usually don’t accept any private IP address can still be accessed using your VPN connection. You don’t need to turn off your VPN connection temporarily just to access certain local websites. This is especially true in the countries where internet laws are very restrictive. By allowing the VPN service to monitor your location, you don’t need to worry about accessing such websites because your location still appear to be in your country.

3. You Won’t Get Any Suspicious Login Problems

This is one of the most common problems when using a VPN connection. Sometimes, when you log into some of your accounts, the service providers will regard your login as suspicious, and thus, they will send you notifications that your accounts might have been compromised. This problem can be avoided simply by allowing your VPN service to monitor your location constantly, which makes your login attempts to be legit while keeping your connection private all the time.

4. You Can Use GPS-Related Apps Without Any Problems

When you use a VPN connection, sometimes you will get lots of problems when you use GPS-related apps. For instance, if you are on your mobile device and you would like to know the direction to go to a certain place, your GPS will recognize your location to be in another country, since your VPN uses a server in another country to access the internet. This can be troublesome especially if you want to use the GPS apps urgently. This can easily be fixed by enabling your location monitoring in your VPN dashboard, which allows the GPS apps to recognize your real location while staying out of the radar with your internet connection.

5. Remain Protected From Any ISP And Government Monitoring

Last but not least, by enabling the location monitoring feature on your virtual private network, you will be able to reveal your real location on the websites that you visit while remain protected from any ISP and government monitoring. In other words, it is as if you are still using a normal internet connection from your ISP while still being able to bypass all the websites that are blocked by the government, as well as stay safe and private from their surveillance system. This is a great benefit that you can get simply by using the location feature in your VPN.

Those are the reasons why you should enable location monitoring in your VPN connection. Most of the time, this feature is turned off when you install the VPN for the first time, and since many people don’t care about it, they might not know that this feature exists. However, when you turn on this feature on your VPN, you’ll have lots of benefits that will enhance your overall internet experience from now on.