Why You Need To Use Password Manager Software To Protect Your Online Privacy

In today’s digital age, you will need to deal with lots of things related to passwords. Almost everything is password-protected. Your email is password-protected. Your devices are locked with passwords. It’s the same with other things, such as your social media accounts, your files, your storage service, your thumb drives, and even your home can be password-protected. Sometimes, there are too many passwords to deal with on a daily basis. This is why, to simplify things, many browsers have the feature that allows you to store the passwords of the websites that you visit.

And then, there is the software called password manager. This is basically a software that will help manage all of your passwords in one place so that you don’t forget them. If you are creating different passwords for different accounts, then it will be difficult for you to memorize each one of them. As a solution, people usually have the same password for all of their online accounts, which is not recommended and very unsafe. This is why this software is needed. Here are the reasons why you need to use password manager software to protect your online privacy:

1. You Can Create A Strong Password For Each Account Without Having To Memorize It

The good thing about this software is that it can store all of your passwords in one place. It means that you no longer need to create the same password for all of your accounts because even though you create different passwords for them, you won’t forget it. All passwords are stored forever because it is also synced to the cloud. Creating a strong password for each account that you have is important because it will lower the chance for hackers or any malicious third parties from accessing your accounts without your permission. This is great for your online privacy and security.

2. The Stronger The Password, The Better It Is For Your Online Privacy

Your online privacy is very important for your digital life. If you create a strong password for each account that you have, it will bring a greater security for each of your accounts. It means also a greater online privacy for you. It will lessen the chance for anyone to crack your account. This software will also help you create a strong password for your account if you have no idea about how to do it. There is often a feature called password generator that will help create random passwords that are very strong to protect your account. You simply can simply use to the passwords suggested by this software to apply the strong password to your account.

3. You Don’t Need To Worry About Losing A Password

Losing a password can be like a nightmare for many people because they need to do all the steps required to change the password or recover their account. Even some people don’t know what to do when they are losing a password. They would simply create a new account without dealing with any step to recover their account instead. By using this, losing a password is no longer a worrisome thing to experience. The software saves all your passwords forever, and they will even fill up the password for you automatically when you are about to log into your account.

4. You Don’t Need To Store Passwords On Your Browsers

Storing your passwords in your browsers is a kind of risky thing to do. This is because there are many cases when hackers successfully steal their victims’ account credentials simply by exploiting this feature. While many browsers can store passwords and fill all the passwords automatically on each of your accounts, this information might be able to get leaked by hackers, and thus, they might steal all of your account credentials easily, which is not good for your privacy. This software works differently from the browser’s native password manager feature, which provides you even more security and privacy in your online browsing.

5. It Protects You Against Phishing Attacks

When somebody is trying to scam you by sending a phishing email, which is the email that contains a link to a fake website, the software will verify the website credentials before allowing you to type your username and password into such website. If the website credentials and security certificates don’t match with the original website, the software will automatically notify you that you are visiting a fake website, and therefore, it will refuse to fill up your password in such a website. With this type of feature, you will ensure that you can be protected from various types of phishing attacks that try to lead you to malicious websites and steal your passwords.

Those are the reasons why you need to use password manager software to protect your online privacy. Many people often neglect the importance of this software because they think that the browser-based password manager feature is enough for them. But, it’s not. The password manager software can help protect your privacy and online credentials a hundred times more than the regular browser-based password storage feature. So, it’s time for you to take a step to better protect your online privacy by using this software.