Why You Need To Use A VPN Service With SOCKS5 Protocol Feature

The SOCKS5 or Socket Secure 5 protocol is the most updated SOCKS protocol that you can use for online data transmission today. Not all VPN services on the market will allow you to use SOCKS5 protocol in their private connection. But, some services that allow you to do that will give you significant benefits on how you can utilize your private data transmission and make your online experience much more enjoyable and stress-free.

There are certain reasons why some VPN services decide to enable SOCKS5 protocol in their private connection. There are lots of benefits of this protocol that is not available in other protocols out there, and certainly, when combined with VPN, you can multiply those benefits and bring you more performance and security boost for your online activity. Here are the reasons why you need to use a VPN service with SOCKS5 protocol feature:

1. This Protocol Is Optimized For The Best Download And Upload Speed

If you are trying to find the best protocol to download and upload data from the internet, you can’t find the better protocol than the SOCKS5. Moreover, since the nature of this protocol that uses hidden traffic to do it, you will get all the more benefits for the anonymity in your data transmissions. The SOCKS5 protocol has been developed for many years to deliver the unprecedented download and upload speed over the internet. So, if your VPN has this feature, you can expect the fastest speed from the private servers because this protocol optimizes all data transmissions.

2. You Can Use The P2P File Sharing Network Without Problem

While torrenting might fall into the grey area of the internet, and it has been at least not allowed to be used in some countries, many people still use the P2P file sharing network to share files quickly over the internet. The P2P files sharing network is known to be one of the fastest ways to share files over the internet, and the good thing about SOCKS5 is that it can give you the stable and reliable infrastructure for such an online activity. SOCKS5 is best used for P2P file sharing simply because it provides the best file transfer speed and it can be used to send and receive traffic in almost all mediums.

3. It Makes It Less Possible For You To Leak Your IP Address

Even without a VPN, you can hide your network traffic by simply connecting to a SOCKS5 server, and you get the benefit of hiding your IP address using this protocol. Combined with VPN, on the other hand, you can get a more advanced security protection that prevents your network traffic to leak any data about your IP address. This is because even if you don’t activate the kill switch feature on your VPN, you can still fall back into the SOCKS5 network when your private network is cut off for whatever reason. In this way, you will still be able to prevent any IP data leak whenever your VPN connection drops.

4. It Is Good For All Types Of Online Activity

The SOCKS5 protocol has been optimized to work in various types of online activity. Whether you are using this protocol to browse websites regularly, streaming movies, playing video games, doing some torrenting, or any other types of online activity, you will be able to ensure that you get the best performance for your connection. This is because this protocol utilizes both TCP and UDP data transmissions and intelligently switch between them in different online activities, which provide less and less performance problems, such as lagging, connection timeout, disconnection, and so on.

5. You Will Encounter Fewer Errors With Your Connection

The method used by many other protocols to protect your data transmission is by rewriting the headers of the data packets, which makes it difficult for any third parties to track your data transmission. However, this method is known to be outdated and very vulnerable to errors. By rewriting the data packet headers, you are prone to have various errors on your connection and make it impossible for you to enjoy the internet comfortably. With SOCKS5, this problem is gone because it uses a different type of encryption that allows you to receive your data packets without modifying the headers, making it less likely to result in errors.

Those are the reasons why you need to use a VPN service with SOCKS5 protocol feature enabled. This feature will help you to enhance the security and performance in your private connection and provide a better online experience for you. Whether you are doing some streaming, banking, or online gaming, using the combination of VPN and SOCKS5 will provide the best connection speed, privacy, and security in your online activity.