Why You Need To Install At Least One VPN Browser On Your Device

VPN has become more and more necessary in today’s internet situation, where the government, ISP, corporations, websites, and other third parties are monitoring every internet user in order to spy on their habits and obtain certain information that will benefit them. The virtual private network becomes more popular because it can provide the internet users the security and privacy that they need in order to break free from the global mass surveillance system. On top of that, there are lots of VPN services that are available in the market today, and they are offered in many shapes and forms.

One type of VPN service that you should know is the VPN browser. The browser is the type of browser with the built-in VPN in it, which you can activate without the need to use any additional software. You simply install the browser to your device, and then you can start enjoying the private connection using the browser. The VPN browser is often called the private browser since it protects the user’s privacy and security online. Here are the reasons why you need to install at least one VPN browser on your device:

1. You Don’t Need To Pay For Any VPN Subscription

Most built-in VPN browsers will not charge you for using the secure connection that it provides. However, the settings might be hidden in the browser settings, and you have to go to the Advanced Settings of the browser in order to activate it. Once you activate the VPN, there is no need for you to worry about the bandwidth limit. Usually, these virtual private browsers offer unlimited bandwidth, and the users can use the private connection for free. However, the speed might be slower when compared to the reputable and dedicated VPN services out there.

2. It Is Way Better Than Most Free VPN Services Out There

Rather than using some free virtual private network services that are available for both desktop and mobile devices, it is better for you to use the private browser instead. Most free private network services in the market today are offering their free private network as a free trial, which means that you have to pay later in order to continue using the service. Also, they are offered with limited bandwidth, low quality server, and very slow speed that often makes you feel frustrated when using them. On the other hand, the VPN browser is offered without any free trial scheme, without any bandwidth limitation, and with high quality server infrastructure that has been built throughout the years.

3. It Is Built By Non-profit Organization

If a commercial company creates a private browser and says that it will provide the private connection to the users for free, you might be wary of their claim. There are many cases of virtual private network providers that provide their VPN connection for free, which turned out using the user’s data without their consent. Some other free private networks are also logging your browsing habit and sell your data to the third parties. This is because their orientation is profit, not the user’s privacy. The VPN browsers, for the most part, are committed to the user’s privacy and try to give the best security protection for their online activity. This is because they are built by non-profit organizations that focus on the betterment of the internet, not solely for obtaining profits.

4. It Is Completely Safe And Free

The private browser that you install on your system is completely safe and free both from a payment subscription structure and from any malicious software. This is because they don’t want to lose the trust of the users that they have built for years. Most of their services are provided for free, and their software is either open source, or built from open source projects. While it is risky for you to use the other free private network service providers out there, you don’t need to worry about security and privacy when you use the VPN browser.

5. It Can Be Used As A Backup VPN Connection

If you already use the VPN connection from a reputable VPN service provider, it won’t hurt you to install a VPN browser just in case you need a backup for your private connection. Sometimes, you might experience problems with your dedicated private network connection, either it is the server problem or the connection speed is not good enough. At this time, you can use the VPN browser as a backup connection, allowing you to continue your online activity while waiting for your main private network connection to be fixed.

Those are the reasons why you need to install at least one VPN browser on your device. There are various functions that you can benefit from it, and more importantly, it will not cost you anything to use the private connection on the browser. However, it might not be available for all platforms, and the browser might not provide you with the same performance as provided by most premium proxy services on the market today. But still, it’s worth to install one for your system.