Why You Need A Personal VPN Service To Bypass Region Protection In Some Content

It is a sad fact that the internet of today can’t be freely explored by anyone. Millions of people in some countries have difficulty to even use regular social media platforms, due to their government restrictions. Moreover, the content distribution problems for various content providers around the world force them to keep their content circulated only within a certain region. For instance, many movies or TV series that are available in the US cannot be accessed by people from other countries, due to the distribution restrictions of these content.

With the current state of content distribution of today, in addition to the restrictive internet laws as imposed by the governments of some countries, it is impossible for you to consume the content that you want unless you live in the country where that content is accessible. However, with VPN or virtual private network, you can bypass the region protection in some content, allowing you to access these restricted content, even if you are not living in that region or country. Here are some reasons why you need a personal VPN service to bypass region protection in some content:

1. You Will Use The IP Address Of The Target Country

The reason why you can access the region-locked content using the virtual private network is because you are essentially using the IP address of the target country. For instance, many regions-locked videos are locked only for the North American region, and it is available only for a few other countries. With a VPN, you can connect to the US server, so that the private network can assign you the new IP address from the US region. Since you are masking the IP address to the IP address of the target country, which in this case, the US, it is why you can access the content that is region-protected in the US region.

2. VPN Actually Allows Streaming Of Region-Protected Content

When you compare VPN with any other IP masking methods, such as the free proxy method, you will find out that the virtual private network connection gives you all the features just like your ISP does. It means that when you use a VPN, it is as if you are using the regular internet connection from your ISP, with the only difference being the IP address that is assigned to you. When you use the regular connection, you are given the local IP address from your internet service provider, while if you use the private connection, you are assigned the private IP address from your VPN provider. Free proxy usually doesn’t allow content streaming, since they have limited server bandwidth, while VPN will allow you to stream the region-protected content.

3. VPN Services Always Provide US-Based Servers

If you use any global VPN service provider, you will always find the available US-based servers for your private connection. This is because the US is known as one of the countries that supports the freedom of the internet, meaning that it doesn’t restrict its citizens from accessing certain websites, and you can always explore the internet freely if you live in the US. And since most of the region-locked content is available only for the US audience, this is why VPN is needed to unlock those contents. The private connection gives you the ability to browse the internet using the US-based IP address, which allows you to easily stream videos and other types of content that is restricted only for the US region.

4. Your Privacy And Security Is Always Safe With VPN

In addition to the ability to unlock region-restricted content, the private network gives you full security and privacy protection for your online connection. By accessing the internet using this private network, you will have anonymous browsing sessions, and your real IP address cannot be tracked. The content providers that are region-locking their digital media will not be able to determine your real location, so they will allow you to consume their content just like the regular citizen of that particular region. It is great to have this additional privacy protection feature while enjoying the content that is normally not available in your country.

5. VPN Allows You To Subscribe To Region-Locked Digital Services

If a streaming service allows only the customers from a certain region to use it, you don’t need to worry about it. Even though you are from the country that is restricted from using the subscription service, you can always bypass this restriction by using the VPN connection. You can subscribe to the service just like any regular citizen in the target country, and you can consume the digital media just like any other regular customers. It is a convenient way to use the region-protected digital services from the comfort of your home, without the need to leave your country.

Those are the reasons why you need a personal VPN service to bypass region protection in some content. Not all content that is available on the internet can be accessed by anyone. Even the most popular video streaming service like YouTube has some content that is only available for certain regions. With the virtual private network, you don’t need to worry about that, since you can bypass the restrictions easily, so that you can consume the digital content that you want.