Why Using A Premium VPN Is More Cost-Effective For Long-Term Than Using A Free VPN

When comparing between a premium VPN and a free VPN, many people might think that the one that is more cost-effective is the free one. Yes, it makes sense, since it is free for you to use, and you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars a year just to use the private connection. But, is it true? Is the free one more cost-effective than the premium one? The answer is that it is not always the case. In fact, for the long-term, you will find out that using a premium VPN is more cost-effective than using a free VPN.

How can it be? That’s mainly because of the reliability of the premium private network connection services. Also, there are other reasons that will make you think twice before using the free VPN service for a long time. Here are the reasons why using premium VPN is more cost-effective for long-term use than using a free VPN:

1. Data Breach Can Be Costly

A free virtual private network is very risky to use, as it doesn’t provide any proper security or encryption system for the users. Usually, hackers will target those who either use an unsecured connection or a free VPN, due to their weakness in security. When the security is too weak to protect your data, the data breach can happen anytime. And it can be very costly for you to restore the damages caused by this incident. Compared to using the premium VPN, which protects your data all the time, the cost of using the premium service is very minimal.

2. People Are Often Frustrated With A Free VPN Service

The cost of using a service might not only be associated with money, but with the time spent on fixing the problems related to that service as well. The fact is that many people are often frustrated when they use a free VPN service, because it often doesn’t work as they expect it to be. For instance, if you expect to use the free service to access a certain type of content, and it turns out that you are experiencing some performance problems along the way, it will frustrate you to no end. The cost of stress and dissatisfaction is too high when you use free virtual network connections. The premium service, on the other hand, offers reliability, which ensures that you can always use your private connection as you expect it to be.

3. Premium Means Reliability And Tight Security

The premium private network service that you use will always work time and again, whenever you need it, and most importantly, it will provide you with the tight security that will protect all of your important data. On the other hand, the reliability of a free VPN service is questionable at best. At one time, you might find it working properly, while at the other time, you might find that it doesn’t work at all. Sometimes, it’s not worth your time to deal with those problems that the free VPN often has. This makes the premium VPN a more cost-effective choice that you can use for long-term.

4. You Are Paying Less Than A Dollar Per Day

The regular price of a premium VPN service is about $7-15 per month, and you will get a big discount if you pay yearly. But, when you think about the benefits that it offers, premium VPN services provide the best online security and privacy for the users at a very affordable rate. In fact, you only pay less than a dollar per day for a guaranteed privacy and security in your online activities. Compare it with the free services that don’t require you to pay anything, but don’t guarantee your online privacy and security either. It’s always better to pay a few cents per day to get the best security protection that you need.

5. You Don’t Really Pay Zero Dollar For A Free VPN

When you use a free VPN, you are not actually paying zero dollar, since the VPN provider will usually display advertisements during your browsing activity. These advertisements are what will help them cover the maintenance cost of the free service, and while you don’t realize that you are paying with your ad views, this is the fact that you need to know. When accumulated, the random ads that are displayed during your browsing activity, as well as during the time you use the software, can bring more revenue to the service provider than the regular price of a premium subscription. So, by using a free service, you are actually paying more for less features.

Those are the reasons why using a premium VPN is more cost-effective for long-term use than using a free VPN. In conclusion, a free VPN is not completely free as you might think, and it can even be more costly for you to pay in the long run. It is therefore recommended to stick with a premium subscription and refrain from using any free VPN, especially those who are offered in exchange of ad views.