Why The Government Is Monitoring Your Online Activity And How VPN Can Help Prevent It

For the average citizens, they view the government as something that will protect them all the time, and even if they know that the government is monitoring their activity, they will be fine with it, as long as they don’t do anything bad. Thus, they will be a good citizen and follow every government rule, even though it tends to be illogical at times. For instance, there some governments out there that are restricting the way users access the internet due to fear that the users can get information that might contradict with the government propaganda.

Many governments nowadays are trying to get as much information about each citizen by monitoring their online activity, browsing habits, search terms that they type on the search engine, how they communicate in social media, and so on. There are many reasons why the government will restrict their citizens’ online activity, and it is important that you know about it. It is also important that the main function of the VPN is to give sovereignty to their users by giving back their basic online security and privacy rights. Here are some reasons why government is monitoring your online activity and how VPN can help prevent it:

1. To Keep The Stability Of Their National Security

Most of the time, the government will need to implement a method that makes it possible for them to monitor their citizens for the sake of keeping the stability of their national security. National security is the most important aspect that keeps their country running for the best for everyone concerned. However, with this goal comes lots of problems, since they need to invade user’s privacy online from time to time, which not all people would agree.

With a VPN, you can always take back your own online privacy and security. By encrypting your internet traffic, the government will be unable to monitor what you are doing, since every data transmission is encrypted with several layers of encryption, which is difficult to break.

2. To Identify Potential Threats In Their National Security

Still about national security, the government will try to monitor their citizens in order to identify potential threats that might cause instability in their national security. While this purpose seems to be noble, it puts all the citizens in the same place, and regard each of them as potential threats to their country. Maybe it is fine if the government only monitor the online activity of bad people, but in reality, all citizens are considered as potentially dangerous as the bad people.

This is why VPN services try to restore the freedom of the internet and give the users back their basic rights in their online activity. By masking their IP address and make their browsing anonymous, users can enjoy unrestricted internet and explore the internet freely.

3. To Keep Their Authority Intact

Some countries have a strict government that demands their citizens to follow their every rule. Someone that is trying to rebel and express their disagreement will immediately be caught and put into detention. For these governments, a total control over the internet traffic in their country is very important to keep their authority intact. Without the restrictive rules, they are afraid that the citizens will defy their own government, and thus, their own country.

The VPN connection can bypass all that restrictions by assigning you new IP addresses that belong to countries that have no internet restriction rules at all. In this way, you don’t need to be afraid that the government will monitor your online activity, as you are browsing the internet with the IP address that belongs to other countries.

4. To Prevent Various Online Illegal Activity

Illegal file sharing, for instance, is one of the many illegal activities that the government will try to prevent in their country. With the nature of the internet, with its border-less areas and unlimited potential, illegal file sharing have become rampant, and even the average people are committing these illegal activities during their online sessions. This is why the government wants to monitor each citizen, so that they can prevent this from happening.

The VPN, on the other hand, doesn’t encourage illegal online activity, but the users are given their rights to explore various things that the internet has to offer. In this way, users can watch the shows that are only available in other countries without resorting to piracy, for instance. They can also pay for subscription services that are only offered in other countries without having to live in there. The VPN connection can do that by bypassing the region restriction on the internet.

5. To Know Better About Each Citizen

By knowing better about each citizen, it means that the government wants to know the detailed information about their subjects in the best possible way. They want to know their browsing habits, what they do online today, their location today, how they communicate with others, what products they buy today, and so on. As a good citizen, it is not a problem if your government is requesting some important data from you. But, if they are requesting sensitive data from you without your permission, or using an online surveillance method that breaks your basic privacy rights, it is getting illogical for you to allow them to do this.

This is why VPN is important, as it can keep your browsing activity private, no matter what devices that you use. It encrypts all your internet traffic, and it hides the data transmission away from your government and internet service provider.

Those are the reasons why the government is monitoring your online activity and how VPN can help prevent it. If the government is trying to elicit important data from you without your permission, and by breaking your basic online security and privacy rights, then you have the rights to prevent them from doing that. This is why VPN is needed to keep you protected from unauthorized surveillance from various third parties, including the government.