Why Online Anonymity Becomes More Important In Today’s State Of The Internet

Many people hold different thoughts regarding net neutrality. Some people think that it is necessary to have an open and free internet. Some others think that it is not quite necessary, and the government needs to take control of the internet as much as possible. Then, there are other people that don’t care about any of these matters. They just use the internet without being aware that they are being monitored, and they don’t really care if that is the case. So, if you belong to the group of people that care about your own online privacy and security, today’s state of the internet is something to be worried about.

With the end of the net neutrality regulations, there is no more freedom and openness on the internet. You are using the internet completely at the mercy of your ISP or the government, with less and less respect toward individual privacy. It’s time for you to start guarding your own online privacy by enabling the use of the virtual private network, which allows you to go fully anonymous on the internet. Here are the reasons why online anonymity becomes more important in today’s state of the internet:

1. Data Mining Has Become A New Standard Procedure For Corporations

Nowadays, whether you are using an operating system, software, app, mobile device, or other web-based services, there will be data mining involved. Data mining is the process where third parties try to collect data of the users of their services for various purposes, mostly for the purpose of improving the user experience. The bad news about this is that data mining can become the excuse for many corporations to spy on their users without their permission. It has become a new standard procedure for corporations in as much that you will not find any corporation that doesn’t do this process for their users. This is why online anonymity becomes very important as it protects you from the surveillance system set by corporations under the guise of improving the user experience.

2. The Government Has Become More Restrictive Toward The Internet

More and more rules are being passed by the governments of the world to restrict the use of the internet in various ways. In China, for example, the use of VPN is banned, and anyone found selling the VPN service in that country will be fined and put to jail. In the US, on the other hand, the rules about net neutrality is about to be removed, meaning that the government gives the control of the internet fully to the internet service providers. If this keeps on happening, there will be less and less privacy that you can enjoy on the internet. This is why it is very important for you to stay anonymous online.

3. The ISP Controls Your Internet Usage

Not only the government does the surveillance for the online behavior of their citizens, the ISP also does the same for their customers. In fact, with the rules of net neutrality gone, the ISP is given the full control on how the users can access the internet. They can block some websites or charge more for accessing certain websites. Also, the government will allow the ISP to sell the user’s data if they want to. This is why lots of people are protesting against the removal of net neutrality since it can affect their online security and privacy significantly. This calls for the need of online anonymity.

4. Global Surveillance System Has Become Very Common

Anywhere in the world, governments and corporations are monitoring everyone online. In fact, in some places, you can’t go online without being put under government surveillance during your online activity. Since more and more people are using the internet on the daily basis, it is very easy for you to expose your real identity to the third parties that keep on monitoring your activity. This is why it is important for you to activate online anonymity using the VPN connection to at least protect your real identity from the grand scheme of the global surveillance system.

5. There Are More Occurrences Of Cyber Crimes

Hackers are lurking the internet everywhere, and more and more people have fallen victim to the various hacker attacks everywhere in the world. Big companies have leaked the important data of their customers thanks to the hacker attacks. Individuals have fallen victim of various cyber crimes such as phishing, carding, and identity theft. People losing their social media accounts are very common nowadays. With lots of occurrences of cyber crimes today, it become more and more necessary for you to protect your identity online by going anonymous in your browsing activity. You can do this by using a virtual private network connection.

Those are the reasons why online anonymity becomes more important in today’s state of the internet. As more and more rules are being passed to restrict the use of the internet, as well as to monitor the internet users, you need to protect yourself from any type of online monitoring system done by the third parties. By using a VPN service, you will be able to make your browsing activity anonymous, and you will be able to protect your real identity and privacy online.