Why Good VPN Providers Need To Have Their Own Private Servers

There are many criteria to choose a good VPN provider that you can use for a long time. In choosing a virtual private network service, you have to carefully read the description of the service on their official website, so that you know what you get. Moreover, by knowing what you get for what you pay, you will know what to expect from the service, and in so doing, you will also have less complaints about the VPN service whenever you experience any problem.

One of the criteria of a good VPN provider is that they have their own private servers. This is because there are still many services that are not using their own servers, meaning that they rent third-party servers for the purpose of running their VPN service. You should pick the service provider that has their own private servers, since there are some important reasons why you have to do that. Here are the reasons why good VPN providers need to have their own private servers:

1. They Can Fix Their Server Problem More Quickly

Whenever there is a problem with their servers, the VPN service provider can easily send their staff to fix their server problem if they own their private servers. However, it can’t be done when the private servers belong to a third-party company. Whenever there is a problem on their server, they have to contact the third-party company to fix that problem, and it can take longer time to do. As a result, the users are the ones that are getting affected negatively. They can’t access certain servers due to this problem, and since it takes longer time to fix, the users might decide to switch to another VPN service.

2. They Can Make The Rules For Their Own Private Servers

If the VPN company doesn’t own their private servers, they are tied to the rules made by the server owners. Since they only rent the servers, they have to follow the third-party rules, which might not be in the advantage of their users. But, if they have their own private servers, they can set their own rules for their servers, including the bandwidth limit, maximum speed, down time, and so on. In the end, the users are the ones that can get the benefits of this situation. If the VPN service can set their own rules for their private servers, they will set it according to the needs of their users.

3. It Provides A More Stable Performance

A VPN service provider that uses their own private servers usually offers a more stable performance as compared to those who rent their private servers. Remember that there are so many third-party companies that have a business of renting servers to VPN service providers. However, their performance is not guaranteed to be good all the time. They might not be able to handle massive traffic that they get from a particular VPN service, or their servers might freeze during the operation. If the VPN provider owns their private servers, they can use their server resources based on the demand of their users, so that the performance can be stable and balanced all the time.

4. They Know Exactly About Their Server Quality

The VPN service that uses their own servers will know exactly their server quality, and thus, they will advertise it accurately on their official website. But, a service provider that needs to rent their private servers will not know exactly their server quality, and thus, they might advertise their service inaccurately to their potential customers. When a virtual network company owns their private servers, they will know their server quality because they are the ones that bought the server equipment, and they can check the quality of their servers directly.

5. They Can Improve Or Upgrade Their Servers At Will

The more users that a VPN service has, the more resources that they need to provide for their users. This is why it is important for a VPN service to have their own servers. At the time when the demand from their users is increased, they can adjust their server quantity and quality at will. In other words, they can easily improve or upgrade their servers without the need to contact any third-party company for doing that. Their servers are theirs to manage, and the users can always get the best server hardware and software for their VPN connection.

Those are the reasons why VPN providers need to have their own private servers. Choose the virtual private network service that offers a blazing fast performance from their own private servers, not from rented servers. Make sure that the VPN company has all or at least most of their operations in-house, meaning that they don’t rent servers overseas and give the server operation completely to a third-party company. That’s a sign of a good VPN provider that you can use for years.