Why Antivirus Software Must Be Installed Alongside The VPN Software

To protect your system from malicious threats, installing an antivirus software on your system is necessary. Without an antivirus software, you will not be able to put a maximum protection for your system against the growing number of malicious threats, which can attack your system in various ways. If you rely only on your operating system’s default anti-malware program, it might not be enough for you to fully protect your system, since the default anti-malware program such as Windows Defender is known to be quite vulnerable to outside attacks.

However, installing antivirus software alone is not enough. VPN is in fact important to help you protect your system connection to ensure that no external threats can enter your system. With today’s online technology, it is very easy for hackers to send malicious threats to your system via various online channels, and VPN can be used as a protective barrier for such attacks. So, antivirus software and VPN software are the best combination for your system security. Here are the reasons why antivirus software must be installed alongside the VPN software:

1. It Protects Your System Network, Not Just Your System Files

The function of the antivirus software is to ensure that your system files stay intact, without any interruptions from any malicious threats. If the system files have been changed by malicious software, your entire system might not be able to run properly. On the other hand, VPN software works to protect your system network, which is the connection that you use to connect your system to the outside world or the internet, allowing you to protect your system from outside threats. When you combine between antivirus and VPN, you will be able to protect not just your system files, but your system network as well.

2. It Repels Both Hacker Attacks And Malicious Software

The VPN system has the main function to keep your network connection secure and private. So, when using a virtual network, you’re not just protecting your system, but you can browse anonymously and keep your real identity private as well. The combination between antivirus software and VPN will repel both hacker attacks and malicious software, since hackers cannot penetrate your network, and malicious software cannot be installed on your system without your consent. The two security tools will work to repel both hacker attacks and malicious software whenever your system is at risk of those threats.

3. It Keeps All Your System Data Transmission Secure

Your system will automatically transmit necessary data through your internet network for various purposes. For instance, when the system needs to retrieve the update files, they will send requests to the update server to transmit the update data. It’s the same for individual software or applications. They are always transmitting data online, and if you don’t protect this process, hackers might intercept the data transmission and install malicious software to your system instead. With the VPN, you will be able to keep the data transmission process securely protected.

4. It Prevents Hackers From Corrupting Your System Data

By default, your system data is protected from any type of unauthorized modifications. It means that even when you don’t install any antivirus software, the OS will protect the system data from any modification. The bad news is that sometimes, skilled hackers can find a way to search for your system vulnerabilities to install malicious codes into your system. As a result, it modifies how the system operates without being detected by the operating system. When the system data is corrupted by hackers, they can control your device as they see fit. By installing antivirus and VPN software, this can be prevented, since hackers cannot corrupt your system data in any way, due to the heavy encryption that you have in your network.

5. It Creates Very Strong Layers Of Protection For Your System

Installing antivirus alone might be enough to protect your system data if you are seldom or never connected to the internet. But, if you connect to the internet almost all the time, you need an additional layer of protection for your system, which can be provided by the VPN software. It protects your network connection and ensure that your system stays safe when you are online. So, with the combination of the two software, it will create a very strong security protection for your system, giving your system the ultimate security. Moreover, with the additional features offered by the VPN software, such as bypassing internet restrictions and censorship, you can enjoy using your device even more.

Those are the reasons why antivirus software must be installed alongside the VPN software. This is important, since installing only one software will not give a total security for your system. Only by combining the two software will you be able to ensure that the privacy and security of your system is fully protected.