Why A Simple Website Ad Blocking Can Boost Your Online Privacy Protection Significantly

More and more people are spending most of their time online nowadays whether on their desktop or mobile devices. If you are spending at least 3 hours each day for online activities such as posting on social media, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, commenting on popular forums, and the like, you are probably already familiar with the ads that are displayed to you while visiting these websites. These ads are not just randomly shown to you, but these are shown according to the algorithm employed by the advertisers.

In order to determine the exact ads that might interest you, these advertisers need to monitor your browsing activity across some websites so that they can determine your interests, and then show the ads that correspond with such interests. In a way, these third parties are monitoring your online behaviors without your consent in order to get the data that they want. This can be bad for your online privacy, which is why there are ad blocking extensions available for browsers to turn off these ads and prevent them from monitoring your online activity. Here are the reasons why a simple website ad blocking can boost your online privacy protection significantly:

1. It Blocks Third Party Advertisers From Monitoring Your Activity

The main purpose of the ad blocking extensions is to block inappropriate ads, which are ads that you might find annoying and disturbing. It will usually allow acceptable ads to be shown by default although you can also opt to make all types of ads disappear from the websites that you visit. These ads will usually contain the code or script embedded in it, which will track and monitor your activity. This is useful for advertisers because in this way, they can understand what you like, and thus, show the ads that are relevant to your interests. By enabling the ad blocking extension, you will be able to prevent these advertisers from profiling you and monitoring your activity.

2. It Prevents Websites From Tracking Your Browsing Habit

Did you realize that the websites you visit might have embedded tracker on each of their pages? These trackers can log all the activity that you do in the website, such as the links that you click, how deep you scroll the page, the parts of the website that you look, the type of videos or content that you like, and so on. In other words, these trackers are designed to determine your browsing habit and log the users’ activity according to their IP address. Some websites might even try to pull out more data than simply your browsing habit, which is why you should prevent them from doing so. The browser’s ad blocker will prevent such websites from tracking any of your browsing habit.

3. It Prevents Any Scripts From Collecting Your Data Without Permission

Did you know that web developers can also install scripts on their website with the purpose of collecting data about the users that visit their website? Malicious websites might even do more than that. These bad websites can make your browser to run scripts that will steal your important data, such as your passwords, keystrokes, financial information, and so on. If you accidentally visit these websites either by clicking the wrong links or by being redirected to these websites somehow, these scripts might work on your browser immediately, and your private data will be at risk. This is why the ad blocking extension is needed to prevent such bad scripts from collecting your private data without your authorization.

4. It Blocks Malicious Websites That Try To Harm Your Device

Another way that malicious websites can pose a danger to your privacy is that it might try to install some kind of malicious software into your system. When you visit such websites, the malware will be installed on your system silently. If such thing happens, then it will be very harmful for your device, since it will mess around with your operating system. Your data or files might be at the risk of infection, and you might no longer be able to access your important data. This is the reason ad blocking is needed to safeguard your system from any type of malware that might infect your private files.

5. It Boosts The Overall Website Performance

When you are browsing the websites with the ad blocker turned on, you will notice a significant boost in the overall website performance. The site will load more quickly and you can browse the site comfortably without having to deal with ad pop ups and various other distractions. On top of that, you will be free from any type of monitoring done by the third parties, which might try to collect your private data without your permission. If you want to browse privately, it is also important for you to be able to browse comfortably as well. Website ad blocking is the best way to achieve both privacy and comfort in browsing your favorite websites.

Those are the reasons why a simple website ad blocking can boost your online privacy protection significantly. If you haven’t activate your website ad blocker, it’s time for you to do so right now. You can download it from the extension page in your browser and activate it immediately in a single click.