What Is Server Switching in VPN? Why It Is Important?

Server switching is a feature that is often included in most of the VPN services on the market today. This feature allows you to switch to different servers in the private network according to the location in each country. So, for instance, if you want to use a private server that is located in the US, you can simply choose the US location, and your connection will instantly be redirected to the US server. It is also the same when you want to switch to different servers in different countries.

The existence of the server switching feature makes it possible for the users to choose the servers that they want to use whenever they want to use it. Without this feature, you will be assigned random servers without the ability to choose the location that you want. For many free VPN services out there, it is common for you to have a limited server switching feature that doesn’t give you the freedom to choose which private servers to use at any given time. Here are some things that you need to know about server switching and why it is important for you:

1. Not All VPN Services Offer Unlimited Server Switching Feature

While most VPN services generally offer the server switching feature, it doesn’t mean that all of them will allow you to switch to different servers as many times as you want. Yes, some VPN services might restrict their users from switching to different servers at a certain period. For instance, there are some VPN services that only allow you to switch to different locations no more than 10 times per month. In other words, once you’ve switched to the 10th location in a given month, you are locked into using that private server until the next month, when your server switching quota will be replenished. Thus, it is important for you to ensure that you are using the VPN service that allows unlimited server switching.

2. Server Switching Can Help You Access Different Regions

Because different regions will offer different types of content or entertainment that you can access, you will need the unlimited server switching feature in order for you to be able to enjoy the content from different regions. For instance, while the US regions might offer the majority of the entertainment that you can find online, you might not be able to access the content that is locked to the Germany region using the US private server. You have to switch to the Germany server in order to be able to access the content that is only available in Germany. This is why server switching is important.

3. It Provides The Freedom On The Internet As You Want It

While the main premise of the VPN services is usually to allow you to bypass any type of internet restrictions, it is not quite so if you don’t have the server switching feature in your VPN. This is because in order to bypass any restrictions, especially the region restrictions, you have to be able to access the internet from the servers that belongs to the country that has that region protection applied. As mentioned earlier, you can’t use the US servers if you want to access the content that is available only in Germany. So, even though you use a private server, it doesn’t mean that you can access any content that you want without using the server switching feature.

4. Each Server Location Offers Its Own Advantages

While most of the reputable VPN providers offer at least 30 servers that are located in different countries, you have to know that it is for a certain reason. Why did those VPN services not provide you with only one centralized private server that is located in a certain country, such as the US? The answer is that it is because each server location offers its own advantages. Each country has their own content or websites that are only available for the citizens of that country. This is why the users need to use the servers that are appropriate for the content or website that they want to access. In other words, if you want to access US content, you should use the US servers. If you want to access the UK content, you should use the UK servers.

5. The More Servers Available, The Better

With the importance of server switching in allowing you to switch between different servers freely so that you can access different types of content, it can be said that the more VPN servers that a VPN service provides, the better it is for the users. This is because the users will have more servers to choose, and they can access even the remotest websites that are only available in some countries. So, the server availability is also another feature that you should look at when choosing a VPN service. There are some VPN providers that offer you with 100+ locations, and it would surely be better than the VPN services that offer only 30+ locations.

Those are the things that you need to know about server switching in VPN and why it is important for you. So, in order to get the most out of your investment, it is better for you to choose the VPN service that offers the unlimited server switching features, as well as more locations to choose from.