Using VPN For Online Gaming – 5 Tips To Ensure That You Have The Best Connection

Online gaming has become a part of many people’s daily life, and with thousands of online games to choose from, there are lots of entertainment value to get from this activity alone. The most common problem with online gaming is the unstable connection. Since most online games will require you to have a stable and constant internet connection, you need to ensure that your network can handle the requests from your games.

Using VPN for your online gaming activity can definitely help you to increase your gaming performance. There are lots of benefits that you can get by using a private connection in your online games. For instance, VPN can help you prevent DDoS attacks and lags in your games. Here are 5 tips to use VPN and ensure that you have the best connection in your online gaming:

1. Activate The SOCKS5 Protocol Feature

If your VPN service offers the SOCKS5 protocol as a feature that you can enable from the Settings, you need to enable this protocol because it offers more speed in your overall network. It is also optimized for various internet activities that require a huge demand of data traffic, and it can deliver your data packets as quickly as possible. With the SOCKS5 protocol enabled, you will be able to enjoy a blazing fast connection for your online gaming activity, as well as the regular browsing activity using the private connection. It will also reduce lags significantly, and you won’t get as many performance problems as you would if you don’t make this protocol feature enabled.

2. Keep The UDP Data Transmission As Priority

The best way to transmit the data packets for your online gamine activity is by using the UDP data transmission. Make sure that this data transmission method is set as the priority in your connection because it is the best way to reduce lags and keep a stable gaming performance on your private network. The TCP data transmission, on the other hand, will give you lots of performance problems along the way, especially in regard to lagging and latency problems. The UDP data transmission will lower your ping and make sure that the private server will interact quickly with the gaming servers.

3. Lower The VPN Encryption If Necessary

Online gaming doesn’t need a heavy dose of encryption in your private network because you need only to focus on the speed and performance of your games. With the heavy encryption of your VPN, such as the 256-bit encryption, it gives the private network more workload for you to process the internet traffic that comes through it. As a result, it is not suitable for online gaming because it can reduce the speed and performance of the private connection. Thus, it is a good idea to lower your encryption system to 128-bit encryption in order to give the private connection more rooms to enhance the connection speed.

4. Use The VPN Service That Focuses On Speed

Not all VPN services are optimized for gaming. For instance, you obviously cannot use the Tor network to play online games because the performance will be terrible. This is also true for most free services out there. There are some VPN service providers that focus their services on speed in addition to privacy and security protection. This is the type of VPN service that you need to use. While it might require you to pay more fees per month or per year, having a good VPN service that focuses on speed will usually give you the best performance in your online gaming activity.

5. Choose The Most Optimal Server

If you want to have the best connection speed for your online games, be sure to choose the most optimal server in your VPN connection. There is usually an option for you to choose the optimal server automatically, and this is the option that you should choose instead of choosing the server manually. Manually testing all the available servers will be a bad time waster for you, which is why it is better for you to just choose the optimal server for your private connection. Usually, the VPN software will find you the server that is closest to you, as well as the one that has the least workload.

These are the tips that can help you have the best connection for your online gaming. Using a VPN for online gaming can certainly make your gaming activity more enjoyable, as it helps you to access various region-locked games, protect your online identity, and simply enjoy the games without any risks of online threats.