Top 5 Tips to Unblock YouTube and Unlock YouTube Access in China

China is well known for their strict rules against VPN usage in their country. The local government can even arrest citizens that provide private connection for the users in the country. However, it doesn’t mean that VPN is completely banned from the country. Only the VPN services that are made in this country by the citizens of this country are banned. The government still requires the citizens to follow the rules of not using VPN while online, especially if they use their private connection to criticize the government or cause any trouble within the country.

In many cases, when companies that operate within China’s jurisdiction need to use virtual private connection for their business operations, they need to obtain the permission from the government to do that. This is because most companies will need to use services like Google Drive, YouTube, social media, and other global online services, which are banned from the country. Tourists are allowed to use VPN to bypass the government’s restrictions.

If you have trouble accessing YouTube in China, it can be understood because YouTube is banned by the Chinese government. So, in order to obtain access to YouTube in China, you need to use a VPN. But, as it is said, regular citizens usually are not allowed to use any private connection. So, here are 5 tips to unblock YouTube and unlock YouTube access in China:

1. Install VPN Before You Come to the Country

If you are a tourist or a visitor that wants to stay in China for a brief period, it is necessary for you to install or at least download your preferred virtual private connection software before coming to the country. This is because once you’ve reached the country, there is a big chance that all VPN websites and apps are blocked by the government. So, if you didn’t download or install your VPN software before coming there, you will be stuck with using the regular connection that is available in this country.

Also, it is important that you should not use any free virtual private connection service because probably all of them will be unusable. The best bet is to use a paid VPN while you are staying in China.

2. Subscribe to the VPN Service that Specifically Allows Bypassing China’s Great Firewall

You need to know that the Chinese government is very strict in enforcing the private connection rules to their citizens. It means that the residents of this country are absolutely not allowed to bypass the Great Firewall that has been set up by the government. Citizens can potentially face fines or jail time when they try to use VPN to bypass the Great Firewall. However, for outsiders and business users, the government still allows them to use VPN in some ways.

Still, not all VPN services are equipped with a strong enough encryption to bypass the Chinese Great Firewall. You need to find a good service provider that will ensure that it is possible to bypass China’s restrictions.

3. Only Do This If You are a Tourist or Temporary Visitor

If you are a legal citizen in China, it is not recommended for you to bypass the Chinese Great Firewall because it can be dangerous for you. Moreover, you need to check the local rules regarding using a virtual connection, whether it is possible or whether it is absolutely forbidden. Some local rules might persecute users right away when the authorities find that they are using a private connection. So, use the VPN to bypass the Chinese government’s restrictions if you are a tourist or a temporary visitor to the country.

4. Use the Incognito Mode

Use VPN only when necessary, especially when you want to watch YouTube videos, and remove all traces of your browsing history afterwards. It is a good idea to use the Incognito mode in your browser if you want to keep your browsing history clear. The Incognito mode will help you to keep everything private while using VPN, so even when the authorities check your browsing history, you don’t need to worry about leaving the traces of your VPN usage on your device.

5. Use a Proxy or VPN Browser Extension

To make your VPN usage even more invisible, you should also install a VPN browser extension before coming to China. Then, you can hide the extension and only use it when you need to access YouTube. Choose the VPN provider that allows you to install the browser extension for their service. Or, you can use online proxy websites, although these websites might be blocked by the government. But, if you can find one that works, you can use these proxy sites to access YouTube from China.