The Simple and Secure Tips to Protect Your iPhone From Hackers

The Apple iPhone is a flagship mobile device brand from Apple that runs its own operating system called iOS. The iOS is quite different from Android since it runs only on Apple hardware. It means that it can’t be used on any other device other than the ones created by Apple. The iPhone has also different security features that takes the user’s privacy seriously. In fact, iPhone devices are designed to secure the private user data and protect the users against any type of data breach. With the features like facial recognition, fingerprint sensor, locate stolen device, remote controller, and integration with the iCloud storage, the iOS is one of the safest and most secure mobile OS on the market.

However, with all the security and privacy features that the iPhone has, hackers can still be able to breach your device if you are not careful, or not even aware of how to use these privacy features. The most common occurrence of iPhone hacking is when hackers successfully hacked the cloud storage access of their victims, making it possible for them to view any private files or photos stored by the users in that cloud storage platform. This is why it is important for you to know how to protect your iPhone from such possible hacking attacks. Here are the simple and secure tips to protect your iPhone from hackers:

1. Be Sure To Run The Latest iOS Operating System

Apple is updating their iPhone operating system regularly whether they are just small updates or a big upgrade. If you haven’t done so, it is recommended for you to update your mobile OS to the latest iOS version. This is because the company usually makes the update available for most of the recent versions of iPhone devices. So, there is no reason for you not to follow the update schedule and make sure that your device has the latest operating system. The updates or upgrades will always come with the latest security protection features that ensure the best privacy protection for the users.

2. Turn On All The Security Options

Apple has a lot of security options that are available in the Settings menu. You can easily turn all those security options one by one to enhance your device security and privacy protection. It is better to turn on all the security options that you think will be beneficial for you. Some security options might make your device more uncomfortable to use, but if you think that you need to protect your privacy more, you should consider turning them on. Features such as Find My iPhone or remote data deletion are good to be turned on in case you lose your device. At such a time, when other people find it, they can’t access your data.

3. Enable The Two-Factor Authentication Feature

All Apple devices are equipped with Apple ID, which is the account that you can use to access various cloud-based features of your device. Without this ID, you won’t be able to log into your account or use the App Store. So, it’s important to keep this ID safe and secure and protect it from any hackers. This is because there are many cases where hackers are able to crack or break through the username and password of the victim’s Apple ID. This gives them full access to various cloud features used by the victim. The two-factor authentication will ensure that your Apple ID stays safe from any possible hacking because each login attempt will be reported to you and you are required to confirm each login attempt with another device.

4. Use VPN When Logging Into Public Wi-Fi Networks

There are various public charging stations and Wi-Fi networks that you can use throughout the country. In fact, many people use them for convenience, especially while waiting at public places such as train stations or airports. The bad news is that the charging stations and Wi-Fi networks installed on such public places might not be secure for your device. In fact, they might use the non-encrypted network connection which are constantly monitoring the online activity of their users. This is why it is important for you to always activate the VPN network when you log into any public Wi-Fi networks or use any public charging stations. There are lots of VPN services that you can find on the App Store, which you can use to protect your online privacy while using your iPhone device.

5. Be Wary Of Each Message That You Get On Your iPhone

If you are using your iPhone to communicate with other people on a regular basis, be mindful of the messages that you exchange with other people. This is especially true when you use your device to access various social media platforms. Each message that you get might potentially lead you to privacy breach, especially if such messages originate from people that you don’t know. When you receive any links to reset your password, for example, make sure to investigate those links and confirm that they are sent by legitimate companies. Otherwise, you might be the victim of a hacking attack. Also, be wary of every private message that you get on social media.

Those are the simple and secure tips to protect your iPhone from hackers. It is very important for you to make sure that your iPhone is always protected because it is highly likely that you store lots of private and personal information on your device. Those tips can help you to achieve that purpose easily.