The Best VPN And Privacy Extensions That You Can Install On Chrome Browser

Chrome is today’s most popular browser in the world, both for the desktop and mobile devices. This is the browser that most people used to browse the internet on the daily basis. Since the release of this browser and the rising popularity of Android OS, the growth of Chrome has been skyrocketing. Lots of features are being added on a regular basis and the browser is becoming more stable and faster. There are some very important privacy protection features included in the browser, such as malware protection, malicious website protection, and so on.

However, using the browser without any additional VPN and privacy extensions will not give you the full protection for your online privacy and security. Fortunately, there are many VPN and privacy extensions that you can find on the Chrome Web Store. You just need to pick the best ones for you to use on your device. Here are some of the best VPN and privacy extensions that you can install on Chrome browser right now:

1. Windscribe

Among many premium VPN services that provide free VPN connection, Windscribe is one that offers the biggest bandwidth per month. Moreover, the free service has the quality that is at the same quality with the premium service with the difference only in bandwidth limit and server options. The premium one is unlimited while the free one is limited to 10GB per month.

The quality of speed and stability of its VPN connection is top-notch. Therefore, it is recommended for you to install this extension on your Chrome browser so that you can easily switch your browsing into a private browsing immediately. Better, you can subscribe to the premium plan to get the full benefits of online privacy using this Chrome extension.

2. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an ad-blocking extension that has taken the world by storm, rising in popularity with more and more people installing this extension on their browser. In fact, there is a shift that is happening in terms of the preferred ad-blocking extension to use.

AdBlock Plus was popular in the past, but this extension packs more features and gives the users the complete protection against malicious advertising on the internet. Plus, it is easy to use and configure, giving you the ultimate control of the ads that you want to show or the websites that you want to filter. It is definitely a must-have extension on your Chrome browser if you want to browse the internet securely and privately.

3. Privacy Badger

It is annoying to know that most websites that you are visiting today are spying on you. They want to collect as much data from their visitors as possible as to further advance their own agenda. Usually, they are doing it for the purpose of making more money out of their advertisements.

But, some bad websites out there might go further than that. They might want to collect your data for the purpose of selling it to the third parties. These websites are violating the user’s privacy without the users knowing about it. Privacy Badger is an extension that can help you to turn off malicious advertising and turn off spying from the websites that you visit. With this extension, the websites that you visit cannot monitor your online behaviors for their own benefits.

4. Webutation

Remember that not all websites that you visit are good for your online security. There are thousands of websites that are malicious, and these websites are quite popular. So, you might be fooled by their popularity thinking that these websites are safe to visit. But, in reality, these sites are not safe to visit at all. The examples of these sites include websites that offer illegal downloading, illegal streaming, illegal file sharing, obscene materials, free software, and so on. Many websites that are created with sub-domains of a popular web platform like Blogger and WordPress can also be dangerous for you. Often, they force you to install bad software that can damage your system or install viruses and malware on it.

Webutation is the extension for Chrome that you can use to check the reputation of any website that you visit. So, before entering your personal information there, you can simply check for the website reputation using this extension and you will know whether it is safe to do so.

5. LastPass

It is important for you to keep track of your passwords, especially if you are using different online services on a regular basis. Even more important is to store your passwords in a safe place in case you are using different complicated passwords for those online services. In this way, you can always be sure that you can keep track of all your passwords without problems.

LastPass is a password manager software that is available as a Chrome extension, allowing you to store and manage your passwords in one secure and private place. It also helps you to fill out your passwords to various online services automatically while ensuring that those services are legitimate and safe to use. It is recommended for you to install on Chrome so that you are protected from any phishing websites or hackers (password thefts) while browsing the internet.