The Bat! Review


Provides a secure email manager software that guards your messages against hackers. Protects all of your email communications using secure end-to-end encryption system.


Only available for Windows platform and it is mostly catered toward desktop users although it can also be used on tablet computers running Windows OS. Upgrades are not available for free.


Allows you to secure all of your email communications and manage your email accounts in one convenient desktop software. Protects your emails from hackers and malicious software.

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The Bat! is a secure email client that can be installed as a desktop program or as a server application, created by Ritlabs, SRL, a software company founded in 1998 and based in Republic of Moldova. The focus of the company is to create various secure communication products for both private and corporate customers. The Bat is the company’s main product line, which is a software that helps the users to manage and secure their email communications from the comfort of their own desktop or server.

Unmatched Filtering System

The Bat! is an email manager software that is equipped with a filtering system designed to ensure that you only get the emails that belong to you. It means that it can filter all types of junk and malicious emails and prevent them from reaching your inbox. Since this software focuses on the secure email communications, it doesn’t tolerate any kind of spam or junk mails. So, it deletes them as soon as it arrives. The filtering system is very powerful, and it uses an advanced algorithm to determine which emails are important and which emails are junk.

Secure End-To-End Encryption System

The most important thing about secure email communications is that you can get to communicate with your contacts in the most private and secure environment. It means that nobody can listen to your communications or see what emails that you are sending and receiving using this software. The messages that you send back and forth can only be seen by you and the receiver which means that only both ends of the communication line can view the messages. This is what it means by the secure end-to-end encryption system, and this software has the most secure encryption system to protect all your email communications.

Internal HTML Viewer

While most other similar secure email software might only allow you to view emails in the form of text format, The Bat! is a bit different. Aside from allowing you to view your emails in the text format, it also supports HTML emails, which means that if the sender of the email is using the HTML format, you can view the email exactly as intended by the sender. This is because this program has its own internal HTML viewer that ensures you can view the HTML-formatted emails as accurately as possible.

Unlimited Messages To Store

This program is very lightweight as it doesn’t have any minimum CPU requirement to run it. If you have Windows, then you can install this software. Moreover, it also supports storing unlimited messages in your computer, and you can use it to connect with any email services that use POP and IMAP. Since it is not only used as a secure email communication software, but also as a robust email manager software, you don’t need to worry about managing thousands of emails that you have. With the robust email manager feature, managing unlimited messages on your computer is simple and easy.

The Bat! Address Book

The Bat! also offers its own version of contact management feature, which is called The Bat Address Book, which can be used to manage and store all your contact information. The good thing about this feature is that you can easily add your contact information from various cloud-based contact management software such as Google Contacts and Outlook. You can also transfer the contact information from the address book to Google and Outlook easily. Finding any contact information is as easy as typing their email address or their name, which is very convenient when you need to send and urgent email message.


The Bat! offers the ultimate secure email communication platform that allows you to communicate with your contacts privately and securely. It removes all the chances for hackers to monitor your email communication since this software is equipped with an advanced end-to-end encryption system. As an email management software, it makes it very easy for you to manage thousands of emails in your computer, and best of all, it can store unlimited messages without any restrictions. Viewing HTML emails is not a problem because unlike similar software, it is equipped with an internal HTML viewer for your convenience in viewing HTML-formatted emails. All in all, The Bat! is a recommended email manager software. It is also a recommended secure email communication system to help you manage all your emails in one place as well as ensure that your email communications are always private and secure.