Protecting Your Business From Data Breach – 5 Online Security And Privacy Measures

Building an online business infrastructure is a lot more complex today than, say, a decade ago. If you want to thrive with your business today, you need to be really prepared for the risks that may lurk into it. In fact, there are lots of responsibilities that you need to take care of if you want to build your brand and keep your customers happy. Not only you need to keep all your private business data protected all the time, you also have the responsibility to protect your customer’s data as well.

Sadly, data breach in business is very common today. It happens because of various reasons, mainly because of the owner’s negligence to online privacy and security. They might think that building a secure and private infrastructure for their company is not important until the real threat strikes in. This is why you have to remember that sales are not the only thing that is important for your business today. You have to invest a considerable amount of money on your business security as well. Here are 5 online security and privacy measures to protect your business data breach:

1. Install The Web Application Firewall

If you are running a web application, and this application is the bread and butter of your company, then you have to protect this app from any type of possible threats. The web application firewall is the security solution that you can be used to protect your assets from possible threats and mitigate such threats when they happen to attack your infrastructure. It comes with various features that you can use to keep all your data secure and private as well as keep your business assets running smoothly without any interruptions.

2. Use Virtual Servers For Your Network Traffic

In addition to the physical servers that you have for your business, you should also have the virtual servers that do the additional data transmission. This is because relying only on your physical servers will put too much strain for those servers, and eventually, it might cause performance problems and data loss. To prevent this from happening, dividing your traffic workload between the physical and virtual servers will help you to keep everything in balance, as well as prevent the occurrence of data loss that can be bad for your business privacy.

3. Use The Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication System

There are lots of web applications that are available on the market today which have the two-factor authentication system as a means to protect their user’s information. However, this feature is usually just an additional feature that users can turn on and off as they want. The problem with having this important security feature as the optional feature in your business infrastructure is that people who don’t know about it might not use it. Using the mandatory two-factor authentication can ensure that the users only access your system with a secure method.

4. Use Only Secure Connection To Access Your Business Data

It is best for you to prevent anyone from accessing your business network without using an encrypted connection. It is also better to use only private connection to access your business data because it can significantly reduce the risk of your data being monitored or stolen. By using only the private connection in your business, you can ensure that unscrupulous third parties cannot see through your data transmission, thus, minimizing any attempt of the data breach in your business.

5. Delete Unused Files Completely

It is normal for a business to upgrade their hardware from time to time in order to keep up with their needs. Of course, when you upgrade your hardware, you need to replace the old one with the new one. In the case of replacing your business storage equipment, you have to ensure that the old ones don’t contain any important business data on it. It is better to delete all files completely by shredding them instead of deleting them as usual. By shredding your old files and data, you can ensure that it can’t be recovered later. It is the same as the unused files and data in your business. You need to delete them completely in order to prevent anyone from using the data later.

Those are the online security and privacy measures that you should follow in order to protect your business from data breach. Remember that hackers can easily steal your data if you don’t care about protecting it. You need to apply the best security and privacy measures to ensure that your business data, as well as your customer’s data, stay safe and private.