PeaZip Review


Provides a free file archiver and encryption software with a high compression ratio. Supports more than 180 file types, and it can be used as an archive opener and extractor.


Only available for the Windows and Linux platforms, with no availability for the Mac OS platform. The portable version is only available in Windows or Linux using Wine app.


Offers one of the best file manager, archiver, and encryption software that supports almost all file types that are available today. Uses the advanced encryption system.

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PeaZip is an open source file archiver and encryption software created by PeaZip SLR, a software developer based in Italy. The main function of the software is to manage, compress, and encrypt files using the standard encryption technology as well as the high compression ratio. Unlike similar programs, this program allows you to save more space on your hard drive when compressing your files into various popular archive formats.

High Compression Ratio

The main problem with the file archiver software is the compression ratio that is usually not too high. It means that when you store your files in an archive, the overall archive size doesn’t have much difference from the normal file size. However, PeaZip has the technology that allows you to compress files with a high compression ratio, which means that you can get the archive size much less than the similar file compression programs. The high compression ratio feature helps you to save more space on your hard drive, allowing you to store more files in the form of archives. It is also helpful for creating an installation file so that it doesn’t have to take too much space to download.

Support For 180+ Archive Formats

There are hundreds of archive formats that are available today, and this software supports more than 180 archive formats, which means that it can read and extract almost any archive file type. It makes this software an ideal tool for you to extract or view an archive file. You can also easily change any archive format by first extracting the archive and saving it to another format. This can save you a lot of time since other file archive software might only be able to recognize a handful of file archive types. Moreover, it is an open source program, so you can download and use it for free.

Encrypt Files With The Standard Encryption System

If you would like to store your files in an encrypted archive, you can also do it with PeaZip. This software is designed to be able to create an encrypted archive that is difficult to break. When you create a password-protected archive using this software, it protects all your private files so that nobody can view or extract your files unless they have the password. It uses the standard encryption system that is difficult to break even for a skilled hacker. In other words, the encrypted archives that you create using this software is completely private and secure for you.

Split And Merge Large Files

The split and merge feature allows you to either split a large archive into multiple smaller archives or merge multiple small archives into one archive. This feature is very handy when you need to store large files that might not be convenient if stored as one big file archive. By splitting the large archive into several parts, you can easily store and transfer your files in multiple storage medium. It also helps when you need to upload the files to the cloud since you don’t need to upload one large archive in one go. You simply need to download the archive part by part to make the process simpler.

Portable Version

Aside from the full installation version, PeaZip is also available in the portable version. The portable version of this software can be used on Windows operating system as well as Linux system by using the Wine app. The good thing about the portable system is that you don’t need to have a full installation of the software in order to open, extract, or encrypt your archives. You can simply copy the portable version to your flash drive and use it on any computer without having to install it fully.


When you look at a good file archiver software, there are a few premium software that comes in mind. However, even those premium programs don’t have the features as extensive as PeaZip. PeaZip is a simple file compression tool that offers lots more features than the similar software. It allows you to open hundreds of archive formats, encrypt your files, merge and split your archives, and more importantly, it has a high compression ratio. With this software, you can easily save more space on your hard drive because you can minimize the size of the compressed files effectively. Also, the portable version is available, which allows you to use this software on the go.