KeePass Review


Provides free, lightweight, and secure password manager software that helps you store any password in one convenient place. The license is open source, and it supports the advanced encryption system.


It is only available for Windows, although there are some unofficial versions that are available for other platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Linux.


Provides a simple and secure platform for you to store all your passwords in one place with advanced encryption system. Allows you to manage all your passwords easily and securely.


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KeePass is a free and open source password manager software created in 2003 by Dominik Reichl, a software programmer based in Germany. While it was initially developed by one person, as an open source software, it has been improved following the suggestions of many enthusiast users, making the software to evolve as it is today. The purpose of this software is to help users manage and store all of their important passwords in order for them to avoid using the same password for every account that they have.

Multiple User Keys

When you create the database for your password, you have the option to create the master password for the database. However, there are additional keys that you can apply to your password database in order to make it more secure. With multiple user keys, there are lots of ways for you to secure your password database and ensure that only you have the access to it. You can use multiple key files in case it is needed for you to strengthen your password database security. This is recommended for you to do although it is a bit cumbersome to track each user key that you have created. However, in terms of security, the multiple user keys feature can help strengthen the security of your password database even more.

Random Password Generator

Most people just create simple passwords for their accounts. This is mostly because complex passwords are difficult to remember, and also, it is difficult to create. The random password generator feature is available in this software, which helps the users to create strong passwords for their accounts. In this way, they should no longer settle for passwords that are weak since these can easily got hacked later. This is the feature that helps the users to protect each of their accounts with the strongest passwords that are impossible to hack.

Advanced Encryption System

KeePass is like a big storage for all of your passwords. It means that it is a very important program to manage and store the access keys to your accounts. You have to ensure that this software is completely secure and safe for you to use. Fortunately, it uses the advanced encryption system, which is impossible to break. In other words, people can’t just forcefully open your password manager and get information about your passwords easily. This software is not easily cracked, and the only one that can access the valuable information in the database is the user.

Easy Password Management

One of the main functions of this software is to help users to manage their passwords easily. No matter how many passwords that you store in this software, it is very easy for you to manage it the way you want. There is the option to categorize your passwords and make it easier to access. Also, there are features that help you search your stored password very quickly even though it is buried deep in your database. You can also import or export your database quite easily in case you want to migrate your data from or to another platform.

Plugin Architecture

The basic features in KeePass give the users all the functions and benefits that they need from a password manager. However, there is an additional feature that can make it possible for the users to expand the basic features even more, which is called the plugin feature. With the plugin architecture that this software has, it is very easy for you to add plugins into this software to enhance its functionality. Since this software is open source, there are lots of people that contribute to the development of various plugins for this software.


KeePass is one of the best free password manager software out there. With this software, you can easily store and manage your passwords in one convenient place. Also, the software is protected by an advanced encryption system as well as multiple user files to ensure that the database is hacker-proof. Nobody can crack the software and steal the passwords in your database easily. Additionally, it also has the feature to help the users create strong passwords for their accounts as well as add some plugins to enhance the software functionalities. All in all, KeePass is a recommended password manager software if you are looking for a simple and safe solution to keep all your password data safe and securely protected in one convenient place.