Important Things To Do Before Deciding On A Lifetime VPN Subscription

When you shop for a new VPN service, you will become familiar with some services that offer various types of subscription plan for their private connection. Some services will offer monthly and yearly plans, which are the most common, while other services might also offer 2-year plan and even a lifetime plan. Of course, the longer the subscription time that you choose, the cheaper the overall price for the VPN service will be. The shorter the subscription period, the more expensive the price that you need to pay.

Regarding the lifetime VPN subscription, many service providers are offering this type of subscription period to offer their private connection service as a onetime purchase. It’s like purchasing a new software. You just purchase it once for the license, and you can use the software forever. With the lifetime VPN subscription, you no longer need to pay any monthly or yearly fees since you can use the private connection forever once you purchase this subscription plan. But, is it worth it? Here are important things to do before deciding on a lifetime VPN subscription:

1. Make Sure That The Private Connection Service Is Reputable

You don’t want to subscribe to a lifetime plan and then find out that the private connection service is out of business a few years later. You want to do this only with the service provider that has been around in business for more than 5 years so that you can ensure the reputation of the business itself. Otherwise, you are wasting big money for a subscription plan that doesn’t give you any lifetime benefits. Moreover, the VPN service provider needs to have an improved private connection quality from time to time.

2. Make Sure That The Connection Is Stable And Reliable

There is no need for you to buy a lifetime subscription of a service that you can’t rely on. When the VPN connection is hugely unstable with lots of connection problems and slow speed for most of the servers, then the lifetime plan is not a good investment for you to make. So, don’t be tempted on the promise of not having to pay for a monthly or yearly fee if you can’t be sure that the service can deliver a stable and reliable private connection for you.

3. Do It Only When You Really Love The Service

In other words, don’t commit into a lifetime subscription plan if you don’t really know about the service. You should’ve used the service for at least 6 months to judge its overall quality. Moving from a regular subscription to a lifetime subscription requires a big commitment on your part, and that’s why you have to do it when you really know the quality of the service itself. If you really love the service and rooting for it, you can just use it forever and be happy with it.

4. If Possible, Pay For The Lifetime Plan When On Discount

For most VPN service providers that offer the unlimited subscription plan, it is not cheap for you to pay for this type of subscription. It often costs hundreds of dollars in onetime payment, and it will give you the access to the private connection indefinitely. The price will be significantly more expensive than the usual monthly or yearly price, so be aware that you might potentially waste your money if you are not careful with this investment. Thus, it is necessary for you to look for the best deal for the VPN service that you choose by going into the lifetime plan when it is heavily discounted.

5. The Service Needs To Be Fully Committed To The User’s Privacy

You don’t want to waste your money and time with the service that you can’t trust later. The main premise of VPN is that it will help protect the user’s privacy on their online activities, keeping them free to explore the interned without any type of restrictions. Make sure that your VPN service provider is committed to protecting the user’s privacy right now and in the future. You need to know that the company is a stable company that will not betray their users by sharing their personal or private data to the third parties without informing them. Only with this kind of service can you commit fully to it for a lifetime.

Those are the important things to do before deciding on a lifetime VPN subscription. The next time there are some tempting offers from some VPN services, you need to assess whether it is a good investment on your part or not. Otherwise, you are wasting a huge amount of money on a service that you can’t use reliably even for a few years in the future.