How To Unblock Netflix – 5 Tips To Start Streaming Netflix Movies Now

Netflix is a movie streaming service that keeps on expanding its services to countries other than the United States. More and more countries can now enjoy the digital streaming service provided by Netflix, and in so doing, they can watch TV series or movies whenever they want to. This is because it is not only offered as an app for your TV or desktop computer, but it is also offered in various other platforms as well, such as game consoles and mobile devices. In this way, you can always use your subscription to watch the latest TV series or movies from Netflix, as well as watch the original series that are only published by this streaming service.

The problem with Netflix is that there are still some countries that are unable to use this streaming service because it is not yet available in those countries. Also, even though your country has this service offered, some of your internet service providers might block it due to various reasons. Or, they might require you to pay more on top of your current subscription cost. Here are 5 tips to unblock Netflix and start streaming Netflix movies now:

1. Use A Premium VPN Subscription That Allows No ISP Throttling

Since Netflix is a digital streaming service, you need an internet connection that can handle the streaming process. You need probably about 3MB/s connection or more depending on the video quality that you want to stream, as well as your subscription choice. For this purpose, you have to choose a premium VPN service that allows no ISP throttling, as well as offers unlimited bandwidth for your streaming. By choosing this type of VPN service, you will not have to deal with a speed slowdown in the middle of the streaming process, and you can stream your movies or TV series as much as you want since there is no bandwidth limit. Remember that a free VPN subscription will not be enough since it will offer a slow connection speed and it also often has a bandwidth limit per month.

2. Choose The US-Based VPN Server

Once you are subscribed to a premium VPN service of your choice, you will be able to choose which server to use for your VPN connection. It is recommended that you use the US-based server, as you want to access the US Netflix service to get more content to stream. Yes, while your country might offer a Netflix subscription, the content offered for your country may not be as complete as the content offered by the US Netflix service. So, if you want a full Netflix experience, go for the US-based VPN server and subscribe for a US-region Netflix service.

3. Subscribe To Netflix Using A US Address

To subscribe to a Netflix service from the US region, you need to have a US address as your billing address. You can get lots of US addresses by finding such addresses on the internet or subscribing to a virtual US address service. After that, you can subscribe to Netflix for the US region by activating your VPN using the US server, and then fulfilling the payment procedure using the US address. You might also need a US-based debit card or US virtual credit card for this purpose, which you can easily find online.

4. Install The US VPN In All Your Devices

Once you are subscribed to the US Netflix service, you can access the service from any device that you have. However, you need to be connected to the US VPN all the time, since you can only access the digital streaming content while connected to the US IP address. So, it’s important for you to install the VPN software on all of your devices. Also, it might be necessary for you to install the VPN on your router as well, which will help make your WiFi connection encrypted with the US IP address.

5. Enjoy Unlimited Entertainment At Your Fingertips

Netflix US allows you to enjoy lots and lots of digital streaming content that you can access at your fingertips. Compared to the service that is available in your country or other countries, the US-region of Netflix can give you a lot more content, since this is the primary Netflix service that has licenses from various studios and companies. Also, most new Netflix-exclusive series or movies will usually be available in the US region first before it might be made available to other regions.

Those are the 5 tips on how to unblock Netflix and start streaming the best digital content now. Whether you want to watch your favorite movies or TV series, Netflix has most of the entertainment ready for you in any platform that you choose. You can access the streaming app from your game consoles, smart TVs, desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.