How To Hide Your Online Tracks From Hackers And Malicious Third Parties

When you browse the internet today, you will come across many websites that try to collect various types of information from you. Most of them do that without your permission. You don’t exactly know what type of information or data that they are collecting. But, regardless of the type of information that these websites are collecting from you, you need to know that you are always being tracked when you are online. The search keywords that you type, the website that you visit, the videos that you watched, the activity that you do on a website—you are being tracked and monitored by various third parties.

There are also prominent threats on the internet that might attack you without you expect it. It’s the threats of hackers and malicious third parties. Unlike the websites that you visit, these threats are tracking you for the purpose of stealing the important data that you have. In other words, the information that they get from you will be used against you somehow. They can steal your password, financial data, user accounts, private documents, and so on. That’s why it’s always important for you to stay vigilant online. Here are some tips to hide your online tracks from hackers and malicious third parties:

1. Use A Private Email Address

If you are still using the regular email address and tired of getting lots of spam emails on a daily basis, it’s probably the right time for you to switch to a private email address. A private email address will provide you the email service just like your regular email address, only without the spam emails and ads. By using a private email address, you will be able to enjoy a truly encrypted email communication with your contacts and protect you from various types of online trackers and similar stuff like that. However, to use a private email address, you might need to pay for a monthly fee in exchange of a fully private email experience.

2. Use An Anonymous Web Browser

An anonymous web browser can make your browsing experience way more private because it often has the VPN built into the browser. So, you don’t need to install any type of VPN software in order to enjoy the private browsing experience. With an anonymous browser, you will be able to cover up your internet tracks, making it impossible for any hackers and malicious third parties from stalking your browsing activity or stealing your private information. Moreover, your data transmission is encrypted with multiple encryption layers, making it impossible for any third party to track your online activity.

3. Use A Premium VPN Service

A premium VPN service will allow you to protect the entire device from any type of tracking and monitoring, whether it is from the government, ISP, corporations, websites, hackers, or malicious third parties. With the premium VPN service, you will also be able to encrypt all the traffic that comes and goes from your device, and all data transmissions will also be hidden from any third party. You will be able to browse the web anonymously and hide your IP address completely. Moreover, the apps that are installed on your device will also be protected from any type of tracking and monitoring that is done without your permission.

4. Use A Privacy Search Engine

Did you know that every search term that you type on Google or Bing is being tracked by the company? And, did you know that the search terms that you type on the search engine can be used to reveal various things about you, such as your personality, preference, current problems, mental state, and other private information? With a simple algorithm, the third parties can easily profile your character by analyzing your search terms alone, and that can be bad for your privacy online. This is why there are some privacy search engines that offer a complete privacy when you search anything online. Your search terms won’t be tracked and you can completely hide your identity online. If you want to avoid any type of tracking and monitoring, a private search engine, which usually costs money to use, can be a great lifesaver for your online privacy.

5. Do Your Best To Keep Everything Private

The most important thing that you need to do to hide your online tracks is to always be vigilant online and do your best to keep your online privacy secure. For instance, if you are using social media, make sure to adjust the privacy settings according to your preferences. If you are using any type of online accounts, make sure to have a strong password for each account, as well as various security options turned on to keep your account safe. If you are communicating online, make sure that you don’t reveal your personal information to anyone that you don’t know. Those are just a small example of things that you can do to keep everything private online.

Those are some tips to hide your online tracks from hackers and malicious third parties. When you are online, you don’t want anyone to be able to determine who you are, where you are, or your personality. If you allow them to do that, they will keep on wanting more from you. It’s your responsibility to keep your online identity safe online. These tips can help you keep that responsibility.