How To Create A More Secure Online Workplace With Virtual Private Network

Teamwork and collaboration are always a part of any business. To accelerate the productivity of your business, collaboration can be done via online as there are software or apps that are designed for that purpose. So, your meetings and teamwork sessions don’t need to be done in a certain place any longer. You can simply fire up your collaboration software and call all your team members for an online meeting, or simply to work on a certain task together. This type of online workplace has been gaining popularity among big and small companies alike.

Creating a secure online workplace for your business is not only a matter of choosing the right software for it, but it also a matter of using the proper protection system for your online workplace. In this case, VPN can give you the protection and privacy that you need for your online workplace. By using the VPN connection on your online workplace, it is possible to encrypt every communication and conversation that you have with your coworkers or team members. Here are some tips to create a more secure online workplace with the virtual private network:

1. Make Sure That Each Member Has A Strong Password And Two-Factor Authentication

It is important for your team members to have the strong password for the access to the collaboration software so that it will not be easily cracked by anyone. You have to make it the requirement for your team members to create the password that at least has the combination of capital letters, numbers, regular letters, and symbols for their password. In this way, it can’t be cracked using the brute force. Then, you have to require your team members to activate the two-factor authentication system for the collaboration software, ensuring that only the authorized team members have the access to the online workplace.

2. Keep Your Collaboration Software Up To Date

A good collaboration software can help create a comfortable workplace for your team members. It will make it easier for your team members to work on a task together. However, be sure to keep on updating your software to ensure that it has the latest security patches installed. Remember that hackers can target a weak system that doesn’t get updated regularly. It’s the same for your operating system. You need to ensure that both your operating system and your collaboration software has the latest updates installed automatically.

3. Give Each Member Access To The VPN Connection

You have to provide each of your team members the access to your VPN connection to ensure that they can encrypt the internet connection that they use. This is to prevent them from accessing your online workplace using the non-encrypted connection, making it a risk for your entire business system. When you give each member the access to the VPN connection, you can easily protect the individual connection with the strong encryption system, making their network secure and private. Also, make sure that you require each member to connect to the virtual private network first whenever they are about to connect to the online workplace.

4. Require Each Member To Use VPN For Their Online Workplace Communication

Without this requirement, your team members can easily forget the regular security procedure for connecting to your business system safely. You need to train each member of your team about the necessary use of various security protocols to ensure that they can work under a secure connection. For the conversation or communication within the online workplace, you have to make it a must for each member to use the VPN connection that you provide. You can even make your system to recognize the connection type that your members are using so that the non-encrypted connection cannot access your online workplace.

5. Install VPN For Business For Your Entire Business Servers

The last thing that you need to do is to install the VPN for business for your entire business servers, meaning that it will only work with private connection. Whenever your team members are trying to connect to your business servers for any purpose, they can’t do that if they don’t activate their private connection. This is to ensure that only encrypted connection can be used to connect to your online workplace, and in this way, it will significantly increase your entire business security and privacy level.

Those are some tips to create a more secure online workplace with the virtual private network. The VPN connection is required for you to ensure that each team member can connect to your online workplace only through the private connection, no matter where they are. This will enhance the security for your business when you work with remote workers as well as team members that are not in the same office as you. As a result, not only it will increase your business security, it will also increase your business productivity as well.