How MarkMonitor Helps To Protect Leading Corporate Brands From Internet Fraud, Piracy, Counterfeiting And Cybersquatting

Summary: MarkMonitor is a company that helps businesses protect and manage their brands online. One of the main purposes of this company is to help businesses prevent their brands from being the target of various cybercrime activities, including piracy, internet fraud, counterfeiting, and cybersquatting. With the services provided by this company, businesses can easily establish their brand online and keep it growing strong, while constantly defending it from any type of threats that might ruin the brand reputation.

Maintaining a popular brand is not something that is to be taken lightly. There are lots of complicated processes that are involved in the act of brand management. While managing your brand can be a daunting task to do, making sure that it is protected from any type of online threats is even more daunting for you to do it alone. Protecting and managing your brand go hand in hand if you really want to see your brand grow online, and many companies choose to leave it to the professionals to do the job. By giving their brand protection and management to a third-party that is specialized in such an endeavor, the big businesses can just focus on growing more audience in order to make their brands more appealing to the public.

This is why MarkMonitor becomes one of the trusted third party companies that many leading businesses use on a regular basis. With its services that involve in brand protection and brand management, it makes the job of protecting your brand way easier than doing it yourself. It provides all the tools that are needed in your quest to defend your business brand reputation so that it can continue growing for the years ahead. The company offers various ways for businesses to make brand protection and management something simple and automatic to do, and ensures that their businesses are free from any type of illegal practices such as piracy, cybersquatting, counterfeiting, and internet fraud.

Protecting the Brands Owned By Leading Companies – More Than 50% of Fortune 100 Companies Use MarkMonitor

MarkMonitor was founded in 1999, and at the time, the company focused only on providing businesses with simple brand and IP monitoring tools. However, as years go by, the company started adding more features to include the more advanced brand and domain protection system, which ensures that their clients can protect their brands online. In 2018, the company has grown so much that it offers lots of brand management tools that are much needed in the more advanced internet technology of today. Now, the company has more than 1300 clients—which are mostly leading companies with super popular brands—in more than 50 countries worldwide. Most of the most popular websites of today are using MarkMonitor as their brand management solutions.

Among the leading businesses that use the service of this company, Nissan, Valentino SpA, and Edelman are the biggest and most loyal companies that use this service. These companies use the brand protection and management system offered by MarkMonitor to keep their brands strong in their respective industries. This service provider has served various leading brands from a variety of industries, such as luxury and fashion, consumer goods, entertainment and media, automotive, financial, and technology. Moreover, it has more than 98% customer satisfaction rating, meaning that this company consistently provides the services that are of the highest quality for their business clients.

Establishing and Managing Your Brands Online – All the Tools That You Need

MarkMonitor, in its core, is a system of brand protection and brand management. It provides all the tools that businesses need to keep their brands safe from all types of possible attacks on it. For instance, there are many cases where people buy domain names that legally belong to certain brands, and then ask the brand owners to buy the brand-related domain names from them. There are also cases where people are stealing the intellectual property of a certain brand and distribute the products of such a brand illegally. In such cases, the businesses that are clueless about these threats might not be able to do anything to protect their brands. However, with MarkMonitor, there is something they can do.

In the brand management aspects, this company offers various tools, including domain management, domain sales, domain security, domain consulting services, and TLD advisory. These are the tools which ensure that your business can take the full ownership of your brands and ensure that every intellectual property that is related to your brand will remain to be the property of your business. It helps to establish your brand online and keep it growing without having to worry about any potential problems.

Defending Your Brands with the Robust Brand Protection System

Aside from establishing and managing your brands online, MarkMonitor also provides the tools that help you to defend your brands from various cybercrime activities. The tools that are included in this system are Anti-Counterfeiting, IP Protection, Partner Compliance, Anti-Piracy for Digital Media and Internet Streaming Content, Anti-Fraud/Phishing, Anti-Fraud/Malware, Anti-Fraud/Dark Web, and Cyber Intelligence. All these tools are working together to ensure that no cyber criminals can access your brand-related assets without permission and keep your brand-related products protected online.

Without properly defending your brands from the possible attacks from any irresponsible and dangerous third parties, brand management is rather pointless. Businesses that don’t apply any brand protection measures are prone to be the target of skilled hackers with various motivations, including financial and personal motivations. Those hackers might try to steal your digital content for the sake of personal profit or for their own satisfaction in being able to distribute those digital goods to the masses without having to make the customers pay for it. Of course, this action, if left without any proper counter measures as offered by MarkMonitor, can result in a big loss for the businesses that are getting affected by the cybercriminal activities. As a result, they might experience financial losses which result in more difficulty to expand their audience base.

MarkMonitor, in this regard, provides the leading companies and businesses the tools that they really need to survive in the digital market while minimizing the business risks that might be caused by various online threats. This is why the Fortune companies are trusting their brand management and protection to MarkMonitor.