How Hiding Your Real Location with VPN Will Benefit Your Online Security and Privacy

The good thing about VPN is that it can give you the complete privacy and anonymity whenever you want to. If you want to be anonymous online, you simply turn on the virtual private connection. If you don’t, you can turn it off immediately and you will browse the internet normally. One of the features of the VPN connection is that it can hide your real location by masking your IP and DNS address. In this way, you can browse the internet as if you are located from somewhere else, which makes any third-party trackers to have problems locating you or monitoring your activity.

With the virtual private connection, you are keeping your online activity safe and private. Here’s how hiding your real location with VPN will benefit your online security and privacy:

1. Unscrupulous Third Parties Cannot Determine Your Real Location

This is very important for your online privacy. When you browse the internet, there are chances that some third-parties are trying to track down your location for various purposes. However, unscrupulous third parties might want to track your location for particularly bad purposes, such as stealing your real identity. Therefore, when you use VPN and hide your real location, you will be able to keep your real identity safe from any unscrupulous third parties that might want to steal it.

2. Only Approved Apps Can Access Your GPS Feature

When using the regular connection on your mobile device, your GPS feature and real location will be able to be accessed by various apps that are installed on your device. This can be troublesome if some of those apps are using your real location for bad purposes, such as monitoring your online habit or even your real-life activity. Thus, when using VPN, you can turn off your real location and use the GPS feature only for the apps that you trust, such as navigation apps.

3. Prevent the Appearance of Malicious Advertising

Not only will VPN protect you from any unscrupulous third parties that are trying to spy on your regular day-to-day activity—whether online or offline—with the help of the GPS feature, it will also prevent the appearance of malicious advertising that are directed specifically for you. Sometimes, there are apps, software, or websites that are trying to install malicious ads into your device based on your location data. By hiding your real location using VPN, you will be able to prevent this from happening and keep your browsing as private as possible.

4. Unscrupulous Third Parties Cannot Spy on Your Online Activity

The government, unscrupulous third parties, stalkers, or even real criminals can easily spy on what you are doing on the daily basis. Simply by observing your location movement, they can spy on your activities, reveal your personality, profiling your information, and so on. In the end, you won’t feel safe anymore because you feel like being watched with every movement you make. Whether you go shopping at the local stores today, go to the bank, stay at home, and doing any other activity, you can keep it private only for yourself simply by hiding your real location using the VPN connection.

5. Keep Your Online Activity Private Whenever You Want

Hiding your real location using the private connection will ensure that your real identity, location, and other personal information will stay hidden from anyone else other than you. Nobody can spy on your online activity, observing the places that you’ve visited, and stealing your identity. Since the VPN connection will keep your IP address hidden and mask it with a private IP address, you will be able to protect your devices from any attempt of hacking by some cyber criminals. Best of all, it is flexible. Some VPN services might even offer the feature to activate the GPS system for trusted apps while keeping your connection private.

That’s how hiding your real location with VPN will benefit your online security and privacy. Not only will you be able to hide your real location with VPN, it can also help you to keep your online activity private and anonymous. Combined with good antivirus and anti-malware apps or software, you can be sure that your device, system, and network connection will be free from any intruders and spies.