How Dallas-based StackPath Is Helping To Secure More Than 800,000 Businesses Worldwide With Their Security Platform

TL; DR:  StackPath is a company that offers various businesses more security for their online assets, especially websites. It provides the web-based service that allows businesses to protect their websites from various online threats, such as hacker attacks and malicious programs, as well as enhance the overall performance of their websites. It offers a range of web-based services that include content delivery network, web application firewall, and DDoS mitigation.

For most businesses, whether they are small or big enterprises, protecting their online assets is one of the most important priorities to ensure that their business is going smoothly. Without a robust protection for their online assets, those businesses may risk their daily operations against various possible online threats and cybercrimes. Since there have been many attempts from hackers that seek to destroy the business of some big corporations, albeit to a varying degree, it has been more necessary than ever for businesses to start building a more secure infrastructure for their online assets.

This is why a company like StackPath exists to offer their services to help these businesses survive in a more dangerous online environment. This company provides various services that offer businesses the best protection system for their websites and other online assets from the reach of any third parties that try to destroy it. Among the services provided by this company are the secure content delivery network which provides a seamless system to enhance the performance of their websites for all users, web application firewall to protect their web-based applications, SSL to protect the site security, DDoS mitigation to protect any possible hacker attacks, and more.

From Relatively Unknown To Greatness

As a company, StackPath started as a small company that provides a modest service with the goal to create a more secure internet for everyone. To reach such a goal, the company offers services that ensure they can help website owners to increase their website security, providing safety for their business, as well as the users. However, at some point during the growth of the company, it received a huge sum of investment funds from various investors, making this company more and more widely known. In 2018, StackPath has been used by more than 800,000 businesses worldwide, providing internet security services that give both small and large enterprises a more secure online platform for their business.

Now, more than ever, this company is trying to provide the best scalable and smooth security platform that any business can use to accommodate their demand for more user requests in the forms of internet traffic and bandwidth, as well as providing the best platform to protect their online assets from any type of online threats.

Secure CDN and Web Apps Firewall – The Company’s Main Offerings

With the increased demand of internet traffic, businesses require a greater scale of reliability for their online platform. By dumping all their online assets in one server, it might gather more risk of being attacked and shut down by cyber criminals with a bad intention. Also, when they do that, businesses might not be able to keep up with the traffic demand from the users, resulting in a bad website performance and slow load time. The secure CDN as provided by StackPath gives the business exactly what they needed to improve their site security and performance. This system helps businesses store their online assets on a secure server provided by the company, which in turn can improve the load time experienced by each user, resulting in a better user experience.

On the other hand, the web application firewall is provided for businesses who want to protect their web app platform from any type of online hacking. As there is an increase in the number of enterprises that offer their web-based applications as their main service, there is also an increase of demand in securing such online assets. The firewall from StackPath works to ward off any attempts of compromising the performance of their web applications either by soft or brute-force hacking.

A Friendly User Interface for Any Type of Developers

While many people might think that using an internet security platform such as StackPath might be difficult and complicated to do, the fact of the matter is that the platform is very simple to use and doesn’t require any deep knowledge of IT security and infrastructure in order for anyone to start using it. Using the platform is as easy as putting the information about the site that you want to protect, along with following the step-by-step instruction on screen. Once the information is correctly submitted, the software can begin to analyze your site data and provide security protection that you need the most for your online assets.

All the Security Features That You Need To Keep Your Online Business Assets Safe

StackPath comes equipped with various features that you might need to protect your websites and online business assets without fail. Take a look at the two-step authentication feature. This feature enables your site to activate the two-step authentication security that allows the users to log into your site more securely. With this feature, there is very little chance that their accounts might get hacked since they need to verify every login attempt. Another interesting feature that you can take a look is the secure token feature. This feature ensures that you are giving the access to your online assets to legitimate people only. It prevents any type of illegal downloads of your online assets since the download process is impossible without a secure token.

Other than those features, there are still more that you can get from this service. StackPath provides various advanced security features such as DDoS mitigation, WAF, origin shield, EdgeSSL, and black list. There are also features that you can discover once you’ve got your hands on this online security platform. Additionally, for all the security features that you get, you only need to pay an affordable monthly payment without any commitment, which makes StackPath a more preferable online security platform when compared to the competitors.