How Cryptocurrency Can Enhance Your Online Privacy Along With VPN

Cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, has been getting the surge of popularity among internet users simply because of its revolutionary concept and technology. As a digital currency, you can use it to conduct financial transactions around the world without having to involve any financial institutions in your online transactions.

At the first time when it was announced, the term cryptocurrency is still unknown to most people. However, after years and years of progress, cryptocurrency has been used by more and more people, with the value being increased over time. Now, cryptocurrency is used not only as a means of transaction, it is also used as an investment as well. The good thing about it is that it is fully digital, and it is fully private. It is best to be used along with a good VPN service. Here’s how cryptocurrency can enhance your online privacy along with VPN:

1. It Makes Your Online Transactions Private

While VPN keeps your online activity private and anonymous, it doesn’t mean that your financial transactions are also hidden from third-party monitoring when using the private network. Even though you are using VPN, you can still leave the trace of your financial transactions when you log into your banking or online shopping accounts. With cryptocurrency, it is different. You can hide your financial transactions as well because you don’t need to log into any banking or online shopping account in order to use your bitcoin.

2. It Is The Next Step In Protecting Your Online Privacy

VPN might be able to protect your IP address from various types of third-party tracking and monitoring, including the ones used by your government or ISP. However, in order to protect all of your online activities, you have to be able to keep your transactions private as well, especially if you do a lot of transactions online. Cryptocurrency can provide the privacy in your transactions by hiding the sender and recipient of the transaction and keep the amount of transaction hidden as well.

3. It Creates The Best Anonymity In Your Online Activity

When combined with a good VPN service, the cryptocurrency like bitcoin can help you create the best anonymity in your online activity. It means that it gives you the new layers of anonymity and makes it possible for you to become completely hidden online. With bitcoin, nobody can know whether you are doing a transaction locally or internationally. It is the same with VPN. Nobody can know where your real address is, and in so doing, you can get the complete protection for all your online activity by hiding yourself completely online.

4. It Is Completely Secure and Confidential

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been created with privacy, anonymity, and security in mind. It is the financial technology that is needed the most today due to its security and confidentiality. Moreover, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used in a completely secure and confidential transaction that makes it impossible for anyone to track. It’s just like using cash from your wallet as opposed to using the debit card or credit card. Nobody knows where the money goes, which is very good for keeping your online identity secured and protected.

5. It Makes Your Financial Transactions Completely Hidden

As opposed to regular banking, the cryptocurrency doesn’t have any central regulator that regulates and records all the cash flows from the users. It uses the blockchain technology that doesn’t have any central controller for the financial transactions. Thus, when using bitcoin, you make your financial transactions completely hidden from any institutions, and moreover, it is completely hidden from the public or any third parties that are interested in monitoring your financial activity. The purpose is almost the same with VPN, which is to make it possible for you to make all your online activities hidden from the government, ISP, and other third parties.

That’s how cryptocurrency can enhance your privacy along with VPN. In short, using VPN alone is good already, as it can help you to protect your online privacy and security. But, when you use cryptocurrency along with VPN, your privacy will be protected even more. This is because not only will you protect your online activity and hide your online identity, you can also protect your online transactions as well.