How Businesses Can Prevent Cyber Attacks By Using VPN

Nowadays, businesses need to be more cautious about cyber attacks, since even the big corporations like Sony and HBO are having problems with their cloud security. Their data got hacked, and some of the information was leaked to the public. Of course, it is detrimental not only for the corporations or the businesses itself, but for the customers as well. A few years ago, a hack on Sony’s network put millions of sensitive credit card information at risk, and the company needs to fix their security system by taking the network offline for quite a long time.

If you are conducting your business online, as well as dealing with the customer’s data on a daily basis, it is very important for you to keep your business system as secure as possible. More importantly, cyber attacks are becoming more common nowadays, so hackers will always try to find a security vulnerability that they can use to penetrate your system. This is why VPN becomes very important for your business. Here are some ways VPN can help business to prevent cyber attacks:

1. Your Important Customer’s Data Will Be Protected In The Cloud

With your current system where you place all of your financial transaction data and customer data in the cloud, it is important to ensure that the data is always safe all the time. Hackers will try to penetrate your system and steal your data with various available methods, including by searching any bugs or system vulnerabilities in your business infrastructure. However, with the VPN connection active, you will be able to build an even stronger data protection system, since you are not only protecting your data on the server level, but on the network connection level as well. Before the hackers can launch their cyber attacks on your servers, they have to penetrate your heavily-encrypted VPN connection first, which is very difficult for them to do.

2. All Internal And External Online Communications Are Encrypted

As a business, you have your employees communicate with each other using the internal communication network, as well as communicate with the customers or other people using the external communication network. With the VPN active, you will be able to encrypt the online communications that you have on your business, so that nobody can listen to it. It’s also important when you are sending your employees abroad, where the internet network is not too secure. With a VPN, they will always be able to initiate secure communication with your company wherever they are.

3. Strengthen Your Business Infrastructure With Firewall Protection

The best way to prevent cyber criminals from entering your system is by building a strong firewall protection around your business infrastructure. In addition to the various security tools that you have installed on your system, you can also build a firewall system around your network connection, which makes your business infrastructure even more secure. With the virtual private network, you will be able to strengthen the overall system security, since the firewall is not only activated on the system level, but on the network connection level as well.

4. Your Business Servers Are More Secure From DDoS Attacks

The most common method for hackers to disturb the system of a corporation is to attack their system using the DDoS attacks. This attack will render their servers to be unable to fulfill the requests from the users, which can effectively cause their system to be offline. This is one of the most common cyber attacks, and it will take quite a while before you can restore your servers back online. However, with the VPN connection, you will make your business servers more secure from DDoS attacks, keeping your servers running all the time.

5. Keep Your Connection Running At High Speed With Maximum Security Protection

For businesses, it is very important for them to keep their network connection running at the highest speed, since they need to use their servers every second to process various important data, such as customer information, digital assets, and so on. So, it is important that you keep your business network connection running at high speed, without forgetting about the server security. The VPN connection can do just that, and it can help your business connection running at high speed, while keeping the security protection at the maximum level.

Those are the ways businesses can prevent cyber attacks by using the VPN connection. The VPN has become an integral part of most businesses today, especially for those who operate their business online. If you need to enhance the security and privacy of your small business or company, it is better to start with the VPN, so that you can encrypt your network connection and prevent various types of cyber attacks.