How Business Owners Should Utilize VPN in Their Business Environment

Using VPN in your personal device is not the same as using it in the business environment. Although the function of the virtual private connection itself is more or less the same, using the virtual private connection in a business environment requires careful planning and consideration. Not only the cost of installation and maintenance that is quite high, you also need to consider about the overall changes that you will need to apply in your network.

Depending on the size of your company, using VPN can be simple or complicated. However, the benefits of VPN are still very important for your company’s security and privacy. Here’s how business owners should utilize VPN in their business environment:

1. Choose the VPN Provider Tailored for Businesses

Not all VPN providers can handle company-wide installation. This is especially true with new or small VPN companies. It is better for you to choose the provider that can handle business installation and use. Usually, big and reputable VPN companies will offer the business VPN feature that can be used by small businesses or corporations. Choosing this type of virtual private network provider will save you from a lot of headaches and troubles later on when you need urgent support or help from them. The VPN that is tailored specifically for businesses will have an excellent support system that will be ready to help you anytime you need it.

2. Activate VPN Connection for All Company’s Network

When you’ve chosen your VPN provider, you should install the virtual private network on all business networks that you use. This means the network that is used by your company to do various business operations as well as the network used by your employees to access the company’s system. If, by any chance, your service offers customers to be able to access your network environment via the public network, you should create a separate connection just for your customers. The core business operations should stay with private connections.

3. Require Your Employees to Connect Only via Private Network

This is important to keep your business safety, security, and privacy in check. You should create a system that only allows your employees to connect to your system via the private network. This is important especially when your employees are working out of office or even in another country. If you are not careful, they can accidentally leak your business data if you allow them to connect to the business system via any network connection. They might connect to your system via unsecure public networks which can put your business at risk. All employees should be required to access the system via private connection.

4. Ensure That Your Online File Storage is Encrypted with VPN

Just like any other businesses, your company might use a certain file storage service to keep all the company’s data safe and secure. Whereas all online file storage services will certainly offer a good encryption system to keep the data transmission secure, it is always possible for hackers to break into your online file storage. So, it is better to cover all your network connection with VPN, including the access to the file storage service. By transmitting your company’s data from the local server to the online storage service via the private network, you give your business a significant boost in security and privacy, ensuring that all private and sensitive data are secured all the time.

5. Educate Your Employees about Company’s Privacy and Security

No matter how strong your security system, a single mistake from an employee can cause a significant breach in the security system of your business. So, it is better to invest some time and money to educate your employees about the company’s privacy and security best practices that they can follow immediately. This includes ensuring that their device software is up to date, connecting only from private or encrypted networks, changing their passwords regularly, using the two-factor authentication system to connect to the company-wide network, and so on. This will minimize the chance for your employees to make the big mistakes related to your business privacy and security.

That’s how business owners should utilize VPN in their business environment. If you still rely on the connection as provided by your ISP without encrypting it, it is better for you to add the VPN encryption for your business connection. It can help you to protect your business operations and data from any types of potential threats.