Don’t Forget To Use Encrypted Private Connection For Your Smart TV – 5 Reasons Why

When you think about the state of technological advancement 10-20 years ago, you won’t believe that we will reach today’s level of technological advancement like it is now. It is just so fast, and our world is developing even faster to integrate technology into our everyday life. Back in the day, when the internet was just still developing, you can only do so much with it. Now, though, everything is connected to the internet, including your television.

When we are talking about the current gadgets, you shouldn’t forget that it is not limited to just smartphones and tablets. Your television is getting upgraded to become a smart device as well, like the other household appliances. So, it is getting increasingly important to protect all your smart devices from any possible security and privacy breach. After all, if you are connecting to the internet often from your smart TV, it will store many of your private data there, and you have to be careful not to let anyone else to get a hold of it. So, if you are using a private connection, you need to focus not only on your mobile devices and desktop computers, but you also need to focus on your smart TV. Here are the 5 reasons why:

1. Your Accounts Are Tied To Your Smart TV

Just like any smart devices, if you use your smart TV a lot, you are bound to log into your accounts in order to access certain online services. So, for instance, if your smart TV has Netflix, YouTube, Google, and any other services installed, then you need to log into your accounts in order to use those services. Since your accounts are used on your smart TV, it will store the account information on the TV.

It means that if anybody can get access to your TV, they might also be able to have access to your accounts, which is bad. This is why private connection is needed to protect your accounts from being accessed by unauthorized third parties.

2. Your WiFi Network Can Be Hacked To Reach Your Smart TV

Most smart televisions will allow you to connect to the internet via the built-in WiFi receiver that it has. It means that most of the time, people will use their wireless router to connect their television to the internet. Thus, they have to include their smart television as the connected device in their router. This can be bad if your router is not protected by VPN.

When you allow your router connection to be open and not protected, people can get access to your network, and thus, they can also get access to your connected devices, which include your smart TV. This is why you have to keep your connection private.

3. The Smart TV Works Like Any Other Gadgets That You Have

Despite its big screen, the smart TV will work just like any other gadgets that you have, such as smartphones and tablets. This is because the way they operate is similar, only that you need to control the smart TV differently. The smart TV uses a remote control to allow convenient control from the couch whereas your smartphones and tablets use the touch screen since they have a small form factor and designed for mobility.

Since it operates like any other gadgets, it will also have security and privacy vulnerabilities just like any other gadgets that you use. So, be sure to protect your smart TV with a good VPN subscription.

4. It Is Always Connected To The Internet

We are living in the always-connected world, and almost every gadget that we have requires us to connect to the internet all the time. Even for your smart TV. Of course, you can turn off the internet connection any time you want, but by doing so, you can’t enjoy the various online services that it offers. So, because your television is always connected to the internet, the only solution for you to do is to ensure that your TV connects through the encrypted connection.

Since the default connection of your router is not encrypted, you need to install a VPN connection for your router. This will ensure that all data transmissions are done in an encrypted network, which ensures the best security and privacy protection for you.

5. It Usually Runs The Same OS As Your Mobile Devices

More and more smart TVs today are using Android as its main operating system, which means that it is the same operating system as your mobile devices. With Android being the primary operating system for the smart television, you can install various apps to your television just like you do with your mobile devices. Of course, there are smart televisions that use other operating systems, but they are usually similar to or based on the Android operating system. Since it runs the same OS as your mobile devices, it needs the same security and privacy protection as well.

Those are the reasons why you should use the encrypted private connection for your smart TV. Don’t leave your smart televisions behind. Make sure to install the best VPN connection for your router before connecting your television to the various online services that it offers.