Can VPN Help for Anonymous Torrenting?

Virtual private connection is the type of connection that can help you to bypass various restrictions that surround your regular internet network. These restrictions are often applied by your government or your ISP, and not only that, VPN can also help you with keeping your real identity safe while browsing the internet. This includes torrenting activity. While not all VPN providers will allow you to use the P2P network in their private connection, most highly reputable VPN companies will provide the feature that allows you to conduct the P2P file sharing activities or torrenting.

If you are living in a country that doesn’t allow any torrenting activity, you can use a private connection to conceal your internet tracks, including your P2P file sharing activity. However, there are often questions about torrenting in general. Is torrenting really legal? Is it safe for you to do any P2P file sharing activity while using the private connection? If you do use a private connection for torrenting, can the government or your ISP track your activity? The answer is that torrenting is part of your rights as an internet users, so anybody should be allowed to do that. Furthermore, VPN can help you with anonymous torrenting. Here are a few things that you should know:

1. The Government Or Your ISP Can’t Track Your P2P File Sharing Activity While Using VPN

Generally, VPN allows you to hide your IP address while doing various online activities. It means that whenever you connect to the internet using the private network, nobody can see what you are doing online. This is because VPN uses the encryption protocol that creates a kind of barricades that prevent any third parties from seeing your internet traffic. Thus, while using VPN, even the government or your ISP doesn’t have any idea that you are doing any torrenting activity at all.

2. Some VPN Providers Can Track Your Torrenting Activity

However, you have to keep in mind that some VPN services, which are mostly the free service providers, will be able to track your torrenting activity. While generally it is not a problem that they can track your P2P file sharing activity, it will become a problem if they share your data with the government or third parties. Due to some government restrictions, VPN providers might be required to track their users so that the government can see what people are doing with their private connection when they need such data.

3. There Are Countries That Don’t Allow Torrenting

Some countries will allow you to use the P2P file sharing network to your heart’s content, but some other countries might not want you to do that at all. In the case when a country allows anyone to use torrents, you can even access the torrenting websites using your regular internet connection without any problem since it is legal in such countries. But, in the case when a country doesn’t allow you to use torrents, they will block all torrenting websites and the ISP will dissuade you from proceeding to do your torrenting activity if you happen to break such restrictions. However, even though your country is not generally allowing you to use torrents, you can always use VPN to conceal your online tracks and hide your torrenting activity.

4. Some VPN Providers Only Allow P2P File Sharing On Certain Servers

Not all VPN providers will allow you to download or upload data via the P2P file sharing network because such activity can add a heavy workload on their servers. Thus, for most reputable VPN providers, they will provide some special servers for their users to do some torrenting activities. So, if you happen to use such a private network service, you have to use one of those special servers to be able to start torrenting. Otherwise, you can’t transmit any data from the regular P2P network. Some service providers will even charge extra for you to be able to use the torrenting feature.

5. Always Choose The Virtual Private Network With No Logging Policy

Since there are more and more VPN providers that spy on their users because the government where they operate requires them to do so, it is becoming more and more challenging to find a trustworthy VPN service that doesn’t monitor or track on your activity. This is why you have to pick the service provider that has a strict no logging policy if you want to surf the web safely, or do your torrenting activity without being monitored by any third party, including the virtual private network company.

Those are the things that you have to understand about torrenting on the private network, and whether it can help you to do it anonymously or not. In short, VPN can be used to make your torrenting activity private and anonymous as long as you can be sure that you are using the right VPN service, even in the countries where it is illegal to use the P2P sharing network.