How To Find A VPN Service That Won’t Leak Your Data

Nowadays, it’s very easy to pick one VPN service to use no matter what operating system that you have. There are abundance of VPN services spread throughout all platforms, including desktop and mobile platforms, so as a user, you can pick the one that you like.

However, be sure to understand that not all services that are available on the market today are proven to be a good service. In fact, with thousands and thousands of virtual private network companies that are available, it is found that many of them are actually leaking the user’s data.

What does it mean for the users?

It means, by using these private network services, you are risking your private data being stolen by unscrupulous third parties, instead of being protected by the service providers.

This problem can create a lot of repercussions for the users, especially for those who don’t know about the shady practice of some bad VPN providers. Here are 5 tips to choose a VPN service that won’t leak your data:

1. Always Check The DNS/IP Leak Before Using The Service Fully

Suppose that you find a new VPN service that you haven’t heard of before, and then you want to use the service.

What you need to do is not to use the service fully unless you ensure that it doesn’t leak your DNS or IP address.

The DNS and IP address leak can be tested online in various IP/DNS leak checker websites. Once you are sure that your DNS and IP address are fully protected when using this private network service, you can simply continue using it for as long as you need.

However, you should perform the check now and then just to make sure that the service remains consistent in hiding your IP/DNS address.

2. Don’t Pay For The Premium/Lifetime Access Just Yet

There are lots of VPN companies that offer their services for a very low price, especially on special events such as holidays. Many of these services even offer the premium/lifetime access with a huge discount, which might entice new users to jump into the service right away without thinking twice.

This is not a good practice to do because you don’t already know about the service quality just yet.

Thus, it is important for you to avoid paying for premium/lifetime access when it is offered for cheap unless you are already the regular user of the service and would like to purchase another account. Always check thoroughly before you pay for it.

3. Choose The Service That Is Trusted By Most Security Experts

There are a lot of security experts that write about various VPN services and how they think about them.

When choosing a new private network service to use, you shouldn’t go for the shady one. Instead, do some research and see what services or companies are recommended by most security experts in their online publications. Or atleast sign up individual free trial account and check multiple times if they’re leaking any of your data.

Usually, they have tested each service before they give any verdict regarding each service quality. So, it is better to go with the experts rather than to subscribe to the service that most people don’t know.

4. Keep Your Eyes Peeled On The News About VPN Services

If you are a regular VPN user, it is a good idea for you to do proper research about various virtual private networks. It will help you to catch up with the latest news about various VPN companies or even the one that you are using right now.

For instance, you would know that Facebook VPN is not safe, or Opera is closing its mobile VPN service, or a certain VPN company is using the user’s data for illegitimate purposes.

By knowing about the latest news about VPN, you will keep yourself on guard whenever your online privacy is at risk.

5. Choose The Service That Is Fully Committed To Protect User’s Privacy

There are many VPN companies out there that offer their services mainly for gaining profits, but there are also many VPN companies that have noble purposes behind their virtual private network business.

Some companies want to make the internet a better place by protecting the user’s privacy better, unlike some ISPs that are using their user’s data to make more money for themselves.

If you can find the VPN company that is fully committed to protect the user’s privacy, then you should support it because they are more trusted than the other VPN services that are available on the market purely for making profits.