7 Signs Of VPN Providers That Are Serious With Their Commitment To Internet Freedom

When you choose a VPN provider, you have to be aware that not all VPN providers are truly committed to their user’s internet freedom. Some providers are only doing the virtual private network business for the sake of making profits, due to the popularity of the other similar services. However, there is still a good amount of VPN providers that are very serious in maintaining their user’s internet freedom, due to their philosophy or ideology about online safety, anonymity, and privacy.

If this is your first time using a private network, be sure to pick the provider that truly cares about your privacy, as well as commit fully to it. Here are 7 signs of VPN providers that are serious with their commitment to internet freedom:

1. They Improve Their Service Based On User Feedback

There are lots of VPN network providers that don’t care about what their users think. When their users are complaining about the VPN service that logs their activity, the service provider doesn’t care at all. They only want profit from their users, and implement various other methods to keep their users in line with their profit plan. This is not a sign of a service provider that is committed to user’s privacy. A good VPN company will always listen to their users, and improve their service based on the feedback that they receive from their users.

2. They Have Multiple Data Encryption Methods

Cheap VPN services that only use one security protocol or use one layer of encryption are not truly care about the user’s anonymity and privacy. This is because it is quite easy for hackers and some irresponsible people to break into this one-layer encryption, especially if it has a very weak security protocol, such as PPTP. A good VPN provider that cares about their user’s privacy should implement various security protocols, especially the protocols that become security standards for today. Also, the encryption method should be done in multiple layers, not just one layer.

3. They Have A Strict Policy Not To Log Their Users

If a VPN provider truly cares about your user’s privacy and internet freedom, they will not have any policy to monitor or log their user activity. This is particularly troublesome with some VPN services that try to use their user’s data and sell them to the third party for profit. This has become a big concern for many users, and this practice is somewhat unacceptable, but the users cannot complain much, since they need to use the VPN service or trust the VPN provider. However, a good VPN provider that truly cares about internet freedom will not have any intention to sell their user’s data and log their activity.

4. They Provide The Automatic Kill Switch Feature In Case The VPN Connection Drops

When you browse with the VPN connection active, it is becoming risky when you don’t realize that your VPN connection drops somehow. When the VPN connection is turned off for whatever reason, such as bad server connection, server failure, and so on, you will not be able to protect your connection during this period. Moreover, you don’t realize about the connection drop, so you have the risk of having your connection unsecured during your browsing session. A good service provider will offer a feature like automatic kill switch to automatically kill your connection during this VPN connection drop, so that you are not transmitting any data using your regular connection.

5. They Have Multiple Servers With Maximum Server Speed

The more servers that your service provider has, the better it is for you. Why? That’s because when one server is having a problem, you can easily switch to another server. It is better if the company offers you multiple servers even in one location, so that you can choose between different servers from the same location if you prefer to use a particular location for your VPN connection. Also, it should offer maximum server speed, since it is important to be used especially when you stream video content using the VPN connection, so that you can have the best high quality video streaming for your enjoyment.

6. They Accept Bitcoin Payment

Another sign that a service provider cares about the user privacy is in the way they accept payment for their VPN service. The Bitcoin payment is increasingly becoming popular among various service providers, due to the privacy feature that it has. When you use Bitcoin, you don’t need to care about giving away your credit card information to the service provider, so that it will be completely private for you to use the service. Even the VPN service doesn’t know about your identity.

7. They Include Onion-Over-VPN Technology

The Onion-Over-VPN technology is the technology that allows you to encrypt your internet connection over multiple layers of secured connection. This method allows you to make your internet even more secure by first encrypting your network with VPN, and then encrypts the VPN connection to the Tor network. In this way, your IP address is getting masked multiple times, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to breach your connection. This technology is the proof that the service provider cares very much about the user’s privacy, since many other providers might not even be willing to implement this additional encryption layer in their private network.

Those are the 7 signs of VPN providers that are serious with their commitment to internet freedom. It is important for you to use the service of these VPN companies, since they will always keep their user’s data safe, and protect their users from the third parties that want to elicit their important data. They are always vigilant in keeping their services safe, secure, and enjoyable for their users.